1st Battalion Virginia Light Artillery - (Hardaway's Moseley's)

Historical Notes:
The Virginia 1st Artillery Regiment was organized in September, 1861 and was accepted into Confederate service with only six companies. Rarely did the regiment have the normal number (ten) of companies assigned to it, and on September 2, 1864, the unit was reduced to a battalion and its designation changed to the 1st Battalion Virginia Artillery. Nor did all the companies assigned served together as a field organization. Therefore, the history of each company is given under its own designation.

Smith's Battery [also called Hampton Artillery] (Company A) was organized in May, 1861, with men from Elizabeth City County. It was assigned to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery, but served as an independent company. The battery was stationed at Ship Point on the Poquosin River, then at Yorktown. During June, 1862, it was ordered to disband and the men transferred to other Virginia units. Captain Charles L. Smith was in command. No roster of this unit has been found.

The Williamsburg Light Artillery (Company F) was formed in May, 1861, with men from James City County. It served at Yorktown with 50 men, and for a time was assigned to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery. The battery was active from Williamsburg to Sharpsburg, then in October, 1862, disbanded. Its members were transferred to other Virginia artillery companies. The unit was under the command of Captains John A. Coke and William R. Garrett.

The Peninsula Light Artillery (Company G) was organized during May, 1861, with men from York County. The unit served at Yorktown, was assigned to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery, the in June, 1862, disbanded. Its members were transferred to other Virginia artillery commands. Captains Joseph B. Cosnahan and William B. Jones were its commanders.

The Richmond Fayette Light Artillery (Company I) was organized during the spring of 1861 with men from Richmond. It was attached to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery, then became an independent command. The unit was assigned to J. Dearing's, H.P. Jones', J.P.W. Read's (38th Battalion), and R.M. Stribling's Battalion of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia. It was active from Williamsburg to Gettysburg, then moved to North Carolina and took part in the Plymouth expedition. Returning to Virginia the battery saw action on the Bermuda Hundred line, fought at Cold Harbor, and participated in the defense of Petersburg. It contained 90 effectives at Gettysburg but lost many during the Appomattox Campaign. None were present at the surrender. Its commanders were Captains Henry C. Cabell and Miles C. Macon.

Pulaski Light Artillery (Company L) was organized during the fall of 1861 with men from Pulaski County Georgia. More than 130 officers and men were mustered into Confederate service with the company. It served in Georgia and South Carolina, then moved to Virginia. The unit was first attached to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery, then it was assigned to H.C. Cabell's Battalion of Artillery. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, was involved in the Petersburg siege, and saw action around Appomattox. The company lost eighteen percent of the 78 engaged at Sharpsburg, sustained 5 casualties at Salem Church, and had 4 killed and 14 wounded out of the 63 at Gettysburg. It surrendered with only 4 men. Captains John C. Fraser and John P.W. Read were in command. The unit roster contains 272 names and are filed under Fraser's Battery with the Georgia records.

The National Archives Microfilms have 400 men listed in the roster of the VA 1st Artillery Battalion and 1,942 listed in the VA 1st Artillery Regiment. Howard Co. published separate regimental histories for the Richmond Howitzers, the Albemarle Battery, and the Richmond Fayette Battery.
Brown, J. Thompson - Major, Colonel
Cabell, Henry Coulter - Lieut. Col. Colonel
Coleman, Lewis M. - Lieut. Col.
Hardaway, Robert A. - Major, Lieut. Col.
Moseley, Edgar F. - Major, Lieut. Col.
Randolph, George W. - Colonel
Stribling, Robert M. - Major, Lieut. Col.
Watson, David - Major
Company A - Smith's Battery
Company B - James City Light Artillery
Company C - Young's Battery
Company D - Richmond Howitzers - 3rd Company
Company E - Brandon Light Artillery
Company F - Williamsburg Light Artillery
Company G - Peninsula Light Artillery
Company H - Albemarle Light Artillery
Company I - Richmond Fayette Light Artillery
Company K - Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Company
Company L - Pulaski Georgia Light Artillery
The roster of this unit contains the names of 397 men. Bibliography for Research:

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