Virginia 23rd Infantry Battalion

Historical Notes:
The Virginia 23rd Infantry Battalion was formed in January 1862, with five companies, later increased to eight. It was attached to Echols' and Patton's Brigade, fought at Greenbrier River, then lost eighteen percent of the 350 engaged at Droop Mountain. During 1864 it was active in the Shenandoah Valley and in mid-April, 1865, disbanded. Officers:
Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Derrick; and Majors William Blessing, William P. Cecil, and David S. Hounshell. Assignments:
attached to Echols' and Patton's Brigade
Greenbrier River
Droop Mountain
Shenandoah Valley Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1655 men.

Company A (The Smyth County Sharpshooters) - Smyth County
Company B ( The Blue Stone Greys) - Mercer County, West Virginia
Company C ( Captain George Gose's Company) - Tazewell County
Company D (Captain William P. Cecils Company) - Tazewell County
Company E ( Captain Patrick C. Buchanan's Company) - Smyth County
Company F ( Captain William H. McDonald's Company) - Smyth County
Company G ( Captain Neville Beckley's Company) - Giles County
Company H ( Captain James M. Barnes' Company) - Stokes County, North Carolina
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