1st Regiment, Virginia Reserves (Farinholt's)


There were evidently 3 units known by this name.

1st Regiment Reserves (194 men)
1st Regiment, Virginia Reserves (Farinholt's) - 1000 men - this unit
1st Regiment, Virginia State Reserves (2nd Class Militia) - 1322 men

1st Regiment, Virginia Reserves was organized in August,1864. During the Appomattox Campaign most of its members were captured at Sayler's Creek.

Charlotte County - Rich Indeed calls this unit the "home guard" that helped the 53rd Regiment, Virginia Infantry defend Staunton River Bridge but later in this book on p. 482, they link them as Company B, 1st Virginia Regiment Reserve Forces.
FIELD OFFICERS: Colonel Benjamin L. Farinholt, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas T. Boswell, and Major C.E. Averett

BATTLES: ROSTERS: The roster of this unit contains the names of 1000 men



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