Virginia 36th Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Virginia 36th Infantry Regiment, formerly known as the 2nd Kanawha Regiment, was organized in July, 1861. The unit fought at Cross-Lanes and Carnifax Ferry in western Virginia, then moved to Tennessee. Here it escaped surrender at Fort Donelson and later returned to Virginia and served in McCausland's and T. Smith's Brigade. The 36th went on to fight at Cloyd's Mountain and Piedmont, and later was involved in Early's Shenandoah Valley operations. It fought its last battle at Waynesboro.

This unit reported 14 killed and 46 wounded at Fort Donelson, and there were 18 killed, 58 wounded, and 35 missing at Cloyd's Mountain. Many were lost at Third Winchester, and in mid-April, 1865, it disbanded.
Colonels John A. McCausland and Thomas Smith, and Lieutenant Colonels William E. Fife, Benjamin R. Linkons, and L. Wilber Reid Assignments:
July 15,1861 – Assigned to General Wise’s Brigade, Army of the North West.
August 13,1861 – Assigned to General Floyd’s Brigade, Army of the Kanawha.
December 16,1861 – Assigned to General Johnson’s Army.
January 31,1862 – . Assigned to General Floyd’s Brigade, Floyd’s Division, Central Army of Kentucky.
April 9,1862 – Assigned to General Heth’s command.
July 3,1862 – Garrison duty, Monroe County Virginia. Valley District, Department of North West Virginia.
September 9,1862 – Assigned to General J.S. Wilbond’s command.
November 22,1862 – Unattached, Valley District, Department of Northern Virginia.
October 31,1863 – Assigned to the 4th Brigade, Army of Western Virginia.
December 31,1863 – Assigned to the 4th Brigade, Army of Western Virginia and Tennessee.
May 1864 – Assigned to General Breckenridge’s command.
June 17,1864 – Assigned to General Early’s command, Army of the Valley District.
September 24,1864 – Assigned to Wharton’s command.
October 31,1864 – Smith’s Brigade, Wharton’s Division, Army of the Valley District.
Scary Creek, Scarytown, Va. - July 17,1861
Cross Lanes, Va. - August 26,1861
Carnifex Ferry, Va. - September 19,1861
Fort Donelson, Tn. - February 14-16,1862
Giles Court House, Va. - May 10,1862
Fayetteville, Va. - September 10,1862
Cotton Hill, Va. - September 11,1862
Buffalo, Va. - October 1,1862
Fayetteville, Va. - May 18-20,1863
Fayetteville, Va. - June 3,1863
Cloyd’s Mt., Va. - May 9,1864
Piedmont, Va. - June 5,1864
Lynchburg, Va. - June 17-18,1864
Monocracy, Md. - July 9,1864
Fort Stevens, Washington, DC - July 11-12, 1864
Snickers’ Gap, Va. - July 17,1864
Berryville, Va. - July 19,1864
Stephens Depot, Va. - July 20,1864
Fishers Hill, Va. - July 23,1864
Winchester, Va. - August 10,1864
Winchester, Va. - August 17-19,1864
Opequon Creek, Va. - September 19,1864
Fishers Hill, Va. - September 22,1864
Cedar Creek, Va. - October 19,1864
Fishers Hill, Va. - December 19,1864
Waynesboro, Va. - March 2,1865
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2949 men.

Company A (Buffalo Guards) - Putnam County
Company B (Logan County Wildcats) - Roane County
Company C (Chapmanville Riflemen) - Roane County
Company D (Boone Rangers) - Roane County
Company E (Raleigh Rangers) - Roane County
Company F (Mountain Riflemen) - Nicholas County
Company G (Western Riflemen) - Roane County
Company H (Captain Louis Lechenet's Company)
Company I or K (Captain Riggs Company)
Company I or K (Fairview Rifle Guards)
Captain Robert A. Bailey's Company
Captain William H. Lipscomb's Company
Albert J. Beckett's Cavalry Company
James M. Corns' Calvary Company
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