Virginia 34th Cavalry Battalion

Historical Notes:
The Virginia 34th Cavalry Battalion, formerly the 1st Battalion Virginia Mounted Rifles, was organized in December, 1862. The unit served in A.G. Jenkins', W.E. Jones', V.A. Witcher's, and B.T. Johnson's Brigade and first engaged the Federals in western Virginia. It had a force of 172 men at Gettysburg, returned to western Virginia, then was involved in operations in East Tennessee. During April, 1864, it contained 222 effectives, saw action at Piedmont, and served with Early in the Shenandoah Valley. Officers:
Lieutenant Colonel Vinson A. Witcher, and Majors John A. McFarlane and William Straton Assignments:
A.G. Jenkins', W.E. Jones', V.A. Witcher's, and B.T. Johnson's Brigade Battles:
Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Piedmont
Valley Campaigns of 1864
The roster of this unit contains the names of 820 men.

Company A (Witcher's Company Virginia Mounted Rifles) -
Wayne County
Company B (Captain William Straton) -
Cabell, Logan, Boone, Putnam and Kanawha Counties
Company C (McDowell Partisan Rangers) -
Tazewell and McDowell County
Company D (1st Battalion Virginia Mounted Rifles) -
Logan County
Company E -
Buchanan, Tazewell and McDowell County
Company F (Walker's Battalion) -
Washington and Sullivan Counties, Tennessee
Company G many men transferred from Companies A, B and I, 22nd Virginia Cavalry
Company H (Captain Robert C. Boyd's Company) (Captain Boyd's Virginia Cavalry) formed from a division of Captain John McFarlane's Company
Company I (Captain John A. McFarlane's Company) organized as part of Captain McFarlane's Squadron Virginia Cavalry
Company K ( Captain James T. Sweeney) -
Mercer, Raleigh, Giles and Wyoming Counties
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