Virginia 37th Cavalry Battalion

Historical Notes:
The 37th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry was organized in August 1862, as Dunn's Partisan Rangers. The battalion contained four companies and in November was changed to regular cavalry. It was assigned to W. E. Jones', McCausland's and W. L. Jackson's Brigade. During April, 1864, it totaled 300 effectives and by June had increased its strength to ten companies. It was involved in various operations in western Virginia and East Tennessee, then saw action in the Shenandoah Valley. The unit disbanded in mid-April, 1865. Officers:
Lieutenant Colonel Ambrose C. Dunn and Major J. R. Claiborne Assignments:
Assigned to W. E. Jones', McCausland's and W. L. Jackson's Brigade. Battles:
Valley Campaigns of 1864
The roster of this unit contains the names of 957 men.

Company A ( Captains James R. Claiborne and George T. Williams) - Franklin County
Company B (Captain A. C. Earle) - Pickens County, South Carolina
Company C ( Captain William Cabell Reeves Tapscott)
Company D ( Captain Louis W. Bourn) - Grayson and Carroll County, Virginia and Surry County, North Carolina
Company E (Captains Edgar C. Phelps and William C. Dunn)
Company F (Captain Meredith T. Norman) - Surry County
Company G ( Captain Edward T. Bridges) - Franklin County
Company H (Captain William H. Payne) - Dublin Depot
Company I (Captain Ezekiel Young) - Grayson and Carroll County
Company K (Captain Crocket C. Pack) - transferred from Swann's Battalion and included men from Russell and Tazewell County
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