1st Regiment, Virginia State Reserves (2nd Class Militia)


There were evidently 3 units known by this name.

1st Regiment Reserves (194 men)
1st Regiment, Virginia Reserves (Farinholt's) - 1000 men
1st Regiment, Virginia State Reserves (2nd Class Militia) - 1322 men - this unit

Little is known of this unit. It was authorized by act passed by General Assembly, March 7, 1862; command organized as 1st Bn Second Class Militia about June 2, 1862, under Major Richard A. Wilkins. Composed of young men aged between 16 and 18 and between 45 and 55. Bn increased to Regt about July 15, 1863. About August 1864, under command of Major General James L. Kemper, commanding reserve forces of Va; under immediate command of Brig Gen Patrick T. Moore, Commanding the Rendezvous of Reserves at Richmond. The Regt was largely employed as guards for Castle Thunder, City Jail, railroad bridges, the Treasury Department and other posts in the city. In January 1865, regiment placed under command of Brig Gen William M. Gardner, Commandant of Military Posts of Richmond. Jan & Feb 1865, Regt part of Grig Gen Patrick T. Moore's First Brigade of Virginia Reserve Forces, Department of Richmond. Regt aka 1st Va Reserves & 1st Regt Va State Reserves.


This list of officers comes from Confederate Military History - Virginia. It does not match any of the names listed above which was found on line, unsourced.

Danforth, John B., colonel; Spencer, Thomas J., lieutenant-colonel.



The roster of this unit contains the name of 1322 men

Company F - Capt John B. Glazebrook's Co; formerly Co F, 1st Bn, 2nd Class Militia of the City of Richmond; in service May 29-July 8, 1862; at intervals between July 1, 1863 and March 1, 1864, and August 1864.



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