Virginia 23rd Cavalry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Virginia 23rd Cavalry Regiment was organized in April 1864, by consolidating seven companies of the 41st Cavalry Battalion and two companies of O'Ferrall's Battalion. The unit served in Imboden's Brigade and was involved in various conflicts in the Shenandoah Valley. It disbanded during April 1865. Officers:
Colonel Robert White, Lieutenant Colonel Charles T. O'Ferrall, and Major Fielding H. Calmese. Assignments:
Imboden's Brigade Battles:
Skirmishes in the Shenandoah valley Rosters:
The roster of this unit contains the names of 962 men.

Company A (Captain Thomas A. Triplett's Company)
Company B (Captain Benjamin G. Patterson's Company) - many men from Rockingham County
Company C (Captain Christian Streit White's Company)
Company D (Captain Fielding Helms Calmes' Company) - many men from Clarke County
Company E (Captain Joshua M. Lovett's Company) - many men from Hampshire County
Company F Captain John Walter Drew's Company) - many men from Augusta County
Company G (Captain Harrison Holt Riddleberger's Company)
Company I (Captain Solomon K. Moore's Company)
Company K (Captain Thomas Jackson Adams' Company)
Company L (2nd Lt. J. H. Berry's Company)
Company M
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