Retreat from Fort Fillmore, NM

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SYNOPSIS On July 25, 1861, Confederate Lieutenant Colonel John R. Baylor and 250 Texas Volunteers marched into Mesilla. Union troops, stationed in nearby Fort Fillmore, engaged Baylor but were unable to oust the Confederate troops. Defeated, the Union soldiers retreated back to the fort. That night, Major Isaac Lynde ordered the fort's supplies and equipment destroyed to keep them from Confederate hands. At daybreak, Lynde's troops along with 100 women and children began a retreat to Fort Stanton, a hundred miles to the northeast of Fort Fillmore. About noon, Baylor's men caught up with them at San Augustin Springs, where Major Lynde surrendered.
DETAILS Retreat of Major Lynde's Troops

  • Map of Retreat
  • Report of Major Isaac Lynde, Seventh U. S. Infantry, regarding arrival of Confederate Troops in Mesilla
  • Report of Major Isaac Lynde, Seventh U. S. Infantry, regarding his retreat and surrender at San Augustin Springs
  • Report of Captain Alfred Gibbs, Third U. S. Cavalry, regarding the events at San Augustin Springs
  • Report of Lieutenant Colonel John R. Baylor, C. S. Army, regarding skirmish at Mesilla, and surrender of Union Troops at San Augustin Springs, and subsequent operations.
  • Terms of Surrender, agreed between Lynde and Baylor
  • Proclamation issued by Lieut. Col. John R. Baylor after his capture of Mesilla, creating the Confederate Territory of Arizona
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