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The Truth About American Slavery
by Stanley K. Lott

Confusion, emotion, and misinformation have often muddled the history of the slave trade in America. In his book, "Slavery and the U.S. Government," author Stanley Lott has examined the archives of "The Congressional Globe" in order to explore the Government's true responsibility for slavery during this period in history. Through a series of verbatim citations and passages from the official record of Congressional debates and proceedings, "Slavery and the U.S. Government" clearly establishes the United States' deliberate protection, perpetuation, and proliferation of the Atlantic slave trade for economic gain. Readers are encouraged to review the facts for themselves and draw their own conclusions about the U.S. Government's degree of involvement in this hotly debated issue.

Stanley K. Lott grew up in Saluda, South Carolina and is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He has spent several years researching American Slavery and the War Between the States. He is also the author of "The American Flag is the Real Slave Flag" and "Lincoln and the U.S. Government".

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