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Confederate Military History - Georgia Volume

This set was written by distinguished men of the South, producing a work which truly portrays the times and issues of the Confederacy. It was edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans of Georgia.

Two volumes--the first and the last--comprise such subjects as the justification of the Southern States in seceding from the Union and the honorable conduct of the war by the Confederate States government; the history of the actions and concessions of the South in the formation of the Union and its policy in securing the existing magnificent territorial dominion of the United States; the civil history of the Confederate States, supplemented with sketches of the President, Vice-President, cabinet officers and other officials of the government; Confederate naval history; the morale of the armies; the South since the war, and a connected outline of events from the beginning of the struggle to its close. We have combined these two volumes into one "Causes of the War" volume.

There are also individual volumes for each state: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas & Florida. An additional volume covers the Confederate Navy.

Each state being treated in a separate history allows space for details concerning its peculiar story, its own devotion, its own heroes, and its battlefields. These volumes contain information on each unit; where, when, and by whom the unit was formed. There are also some Rosters.

Table of Contents for the Georgia volume

  • CHAPTER I. The Legislature of 1860--Convention Provided For--Occupation of Fort Pulaski--The Secession Convention--Seizure of the Augusta Arsenal and Oglethorpe Barracks
  • CHAPTER II. Organization and Other Events in the State, from Spring until Close of 1861--Early Record of Georgians Outside the State, Previous to Manassas--Coast Operations in Georgia in 1861 (including Port Royal)
  • CHAPTER III. Georgia Troops in Virginia--Laurel Hill, Carrick's Ford and First Manassas--Death of Bartow--Cheat Mountain, Greenbrier River and Camp Alleghany--Georgians in North Carolina--Events at Pensacola
  • CHAPTER IV. Events of 1862--Naval Operations Below Savannah-Organization for Defense--Lee Succeeded by Pemberton-The State Troops--Fall of Fort Pulaski--Hunter's Orders--Skirmish on Whitemarsh Island
  • CHAPTER V. Battle of Shiloh--Andrews' Raid--The Third Infantry at South Mills--The Conscript Act and State Troops--Georgians under Bragg and Kirby Smith--Naval Affairs-Depredations in the Coast Region--War Legislation-Chickasaw Bayou and Murfreesboro
  • CHAPTER VI. Sketches of Georgia Commands
  • CHAPTER VII. Georgia Troops in Virginia in 1862--Yorktown--Seven Pines--The Valley Campaign--Seven Days' Battles
  • CHAPTER VIII. Cedar (Slaughter's) Mountain, Second Manassas, South Mountain, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg
  • CHAPTER IX. Georgia in 1863--Fort McAllister--Destruction of the Nashville--Organization on the Coast in March--The Defenses of Savannah--Loss of the Atlanta--Streight's Raid and Capture--Distress in the State
  • CHAPTER X. The Battle of Chancellorsville
  • CHAPTER XI. Battle of Champion's Hill--- Siege of Vicksburg--The Gettysburg Campaign
  • CHAPTER XII. The Coast of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, July to December, 1863
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Chickamauga Campaign--Rosecrans' Advance in Northwest Georgia--Bragg Evacuates Chattanooga-The Maneuvers in the Mountains--The Two Days' Battle on Chickamauga Creek--Rosecrans Defeated and Penned in at Chattanooga
  • CHAPTER XIV. The Knoxville Campaign--Battle of Missionary Ridge--Battle of Ringgold Gap--Retreat to Dalton-- Gen. J. E. Johnston Given Command--Close of 1863
  • CHAPTER XV. The Campaigns of 1864--Battle of Olustee--Operations near Savannah--The Wilderness to Cold Harbor --Georgia Troops Engaged--Early's Valley Campaign
  • CHAPTER XVI. The Atlanta Campaign--February Fighting near Dalton--Organization of Johnston's Army--Campaign from Dalton to the Chattahoochee--Resaca, New Hope Church and Kennesaw Mountain--Battles about Atlanta--Wheeler's Raid--Jonesboro and the Evacuation
  • CHAPTER XVII. The Fate of Atlanta--Hood's Advance in North Georgia--Attack on Allatoona--Sherman's March to the Sea--Fall of Fort McAllister--Evacuation of Savannah --Georgians in the Nashville Campaign
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Final Campaign in Virginia--Georgia Commands at Appomattox--Campaign of the Carolinas--Wilson's Raid BIOGRAPHICAL.

    Confederate Military History - Georgia Volume
    Joseph T. Derry
    562 pgs.
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