This set was written by distinguished men of the South, producing a work which truly portrays the times and issues of the Confederacy. It was edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans of Georgia.

Two volumes--the first and the last--comprise such subjects as the justification of the Southern States in seceding from the Union and the honorable conduct of the war by the Confederate States government; the history of the actions and concessions of the South in the formation of the Union and its policy in securing the existing magnificent territorial dominion of the United States; the civil history of the Confederate States, supplemented with sketches of the President, Vice-President, cabinet officers and other officials of the government; Confederate naval history; the morale of the armies; the South since the war, and a connected outline of events from the beginning of the struggle to its close. We have combined these two volumes into one "Causes of the War" volume.

There are also individual volumes for each state: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas & Florida. An additional volume covers the Confederate Navy.

Each state being treated in a separate history allows space for details concerning its peculiar story, its own devotion, its own heroes, and its battlefields. These volumes contain information on each unit; where, when, and by whom the unit was formed. There are also some Rosters.

Table of Contents for the Louisiana volume

    CHAPTER I. The Campaign of 1860---The Political Clubs--"Hurrah for the Confederacy"--Result of the Election--Sentiment is Unified--Governor Moore's Proclamation--Meeting of the Legislature

    CHAPTER II. Union of Marching Clubs---Governor Moore's Proclamation--Election Returns--Poverty in War Material--Question of Method of Secession--" The Time for Action Has Come"--Oratory, Drill and Holiday Festivities

    CHAPTER III. Stirring Events of the New Year--Occupation of the Baton Rouge Arsenal--Forts Jackson, St. Philip and Pike--A State Army Created --The Convention Meets--Ordinance of Secession--The Pelican Flag--Washington's Birthday

    CHAPTER IV. Louisiana Answers Sumter--Troops Sent to the Front--Louisianians at Pensacola--The Louisiana Battalion-Death of Colonel Dreux--Life at the Confederate Capital

    CHAPTER V. A Bruit of Peril to the City--Preparation of Defenses--Farragut at the Passes--The Bombardment of the Forts--Passage of the Federal Fleet--Mutiny and Capitulation-Fate of the Ram Louisiana--The Fleet at the City

    CHAPTER VI. The State Flag on City Hall--Farragut's Demand for Surrender--The Negotiations--Hoisting of the United States Flag on City Hall--The Advent of the Man of Two Orders--Military Rule under Butler- -Execution of William B. Mumford--Butler's Deepest Depth

    CHAPTER VII. Vicksburg to Baton Rouge--Raid on Brashear City--Other Expeditions--The First Attack on Vicksburg-Battle of Baton Rouge--Loss of the Arkansas--Breckinridge Occupies Baton Rouge

    CHAPTER VIII. General Butler's Rural Enterprises--Richard Taylor in West Louisiana-Campaign on the Lafourche--Battle of Labadieville--Operations about Berwick Bay-Exploits of the Gunboat Cotton

    CHAPTER IX. Banks Relieves Butler--Operates on the Atchafalaya-First Expedition Toward Red River--Battle of Camp Bisland

    CHAPTER X. Taylor's Withdrawal from Bisland--Engagement at Franklin--A Successful Retreat--Banks Abandons the Expedition--Taylor's Victory at Berwick Bay--Fighting about Donaldsonville--On the Fordoche and Bayou Bourbeau

    CHAPTER XI. The River Strongholds -Famous Naval Ex-ploit-Capture of the Indianola--Port Hudson Invested--Farragut Runs the Batteries--Taylor's Operations

    CHAPTER XII. A Chapter of Sieges--Assault Repelled at Port Hudson--The Heroic Defense--The Capitulation--Louisianians at Vicksburg

    CHAPTER XIII. Taylor Prepares for Defense--The Red River Threatened--Porter Ascends the River-- Banks Marches toward Shreveport--Fall of Fort DeRussy--Gen. Kirby Smith Plans for Federal Defeat-- Taylor Resolves to Fight at Mansfield

    CHAPTER XIV. The Battle of Mansfield--Taylor's Formation for Battle--Mouton's Gallant Charge--Rout of the Federal Army--Battle Renewed at Pleasant Hill--Monett's Ferry--Death of General Green--Official Reports

    CHAPTER XV. The Retreat of Banks--Taylor's Force Reduced-Walker and Churchill Sent Against Steele-- Natchitoches and Cloutierville--Yellow Bayou the Last Battle-Louisianians at Mobile- Gibson's Farewell Address--Surrender of General Taylor

    CHAPTER XVI. Louisianians in the Armies of the West--Battles of Wilson's Creek, Belmont and Shiloh-- Beauregard in Command--Succeeded by Bragg--Battles of Iuka and Corinth-March into Kentucky--Battle of Perryville

    CHAPTER XVII. Battle of Murfreesboro--Gallant Record of Adams' Brigade--The Washington Artillery-- Tullahoma Campaign--The Great Conflict on Chickamauga Creek-Adams' Brigade Turns the Federal Line--Action of Other Louisiana Commands

    CHAPTER XVIII. The Georgia Campaign--Louisiana Commands with Johnston and Polk--Their Service from Dalton to Atlanta--The Siege--Battle of Jonesboro--General Hood Withdraws to Alabama

    CHAPTER XIX. The Tennessee Campaign under Hood-Scott's Brigade at Franklin--The Washington Artillery at Murfreesboro -- Battle of Nashville--The Retreat--The Louisiana Brigade in the Rear Guard--Last Days of the Army of Tennessee

    CHAPTER XX. Louisianians in the Army of Northern Virginia-Fight at Blackburn's Ford--The Fame of HarryHays--Battle of First Manassas--With Magruder on the Peninsula-Williamsburg and Seven Pines

    CHAPTER XXI. Louisianians with Stonewall Jackson--The Great Valley Campaign--Taylor's Brigade at Front Royal--Middletown--Winchester--Cross Keys and Port Republic--With Lee before Richmond--The Seven Days

    CHAPTER XXII. The Two Louisiana Brigades, Army of Northern Virginia--Louisiana Artillery--Battle of Cedar Run--The Second Manassas Campaign--"Battle of the Rocks".

    CHAPTER XXIII. On to Maryland-Hays' and Starke's Brigades Return to Harper's Ferry--Battle of Sharpsburg--The Terrific Struggle at the Dunker Church--Valorous Deeds of the Washington Artillery-- Guard Artillery--Madison Tips.

    CHAPTER XXIV. The Battle Panorama at Fredericksburg --The Louisiana Artillery at Marye's Hill- Frightful Slaughter of the Enemy--Battle of Chancellorsville--Louisi-anians Fight Again at Marye's Hill--Nicholls' Brigade at Jackson

    CHAPTER XXV. The Pennsylvania Campaign--Hays' Brilliant Charge at Winchester--Battle of Gettysburg--First Day's Fight--Nicholls' Brigade at Culp's Hill--Hays' Brigade on the Summit of Cemetery Hill--Work of the Artillery-After Gettysburg--Rappahannock Bridge--Mine Run--Payne's Farm

    CHAPTER XXVI. Lee Meets Grant in Battle--The Wilderness and Spottsylvania Court House--Stafford Killed, Hays Disabled--Louisiana's Part in Lee's Magnificent Campaign-With Early in Maryland and the Valley--Siege of Petersburg--Five Forks--Fort Gregg

    CHAPTER XXVII. Appomattox--Louisiana Infantry and Artillery at the Surrender--After Appomattox - The President's Bodyguard--The State's Total Enrollment--The Chaplains--The Sacrifices of the Women--Conclusion


    INDEX (PDF Format)

    Confederate Military History

    Vol. 8
    John Dimitry. A. M.
    315 pgs.

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