First Families of Alexander County, North Carolina

This book provides family sketches and genealogical information on the first families to settle in Alexander County, NC. The earliest settlers date back to the early 1700s. William E. White in an unpublished manuscript dated 1926 documented many of the early settlers. This book continues his work and corrects / updates it. It also includes an index which was not included in White's manuscript and organizes his notes into a more consistent narrative.

By the time of the 1850 census, Alexander County had 357 surnames listed. This volume focuses on the families which were apparently in the area as early as 1750.

First Families of Alexander County

Table ofContents

The Formation of Alexander County
Pioneer Days
Feeding The Indians
Primitive Methods Of Cooking Meats
After Pioneer Days
Representatives Elected from Alexander County
Senators Elected From Alexander County

Ellendale Township
Pioneers of Ellendale Township
First Church Organization in Ellendale
Antioch Church
Dover Baptist Church
Records Of Association For 1910
Center Church
Mt. Hermon Baptist Church
St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Some Of Ellendale's Citizens
William Austin
Edward Teague
Robert Payne
Alexander West
William Reed
The Newland Family
The Pool Family
The Watts Family
Capt. Robert Boyd
Robert Burton Smith
Rev. George R. Talley
Rev. Daniel Milton White

Little River Township
Pioneers Of Little River Township Little River Baptist Church
Poplar Springs Baptist Church
Lebanon Baptist Church
The Robinette Family
Some Reminiscences
Charles Walker
Thomas Jones
The Chapman Family Other Pioneers
The Brown Family
The Bumgarner Family

Sugar Loaf Township
History Of Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Mt. Hebron Baptist Church
Salem Lutheran Church
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Hodges House Or Hodges Mountain
Sugar Loaf Mountain
The State Highway Prominent Citizens Of Sugar Loaf
William T. Davis
The Russell Family

Gwaltney's Township
Physical Features
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Linney's Grove Baptist Church
Fair View Baptist Church
South River Methodist Protestant Church
Center M. E. Church
Hopewell And Beulah M. E. Churches
The Linney Family
The Adams Family
The Mayberry Family
Prominent Citizens

Wittenburg Township
Rural Life In Wittenburg
Friendship Lutheran Church
Pisgah Methodist Church
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Mount Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church
Fellowship Adventist Church
Shiloh Lutheran Church
Hopewell Reformed Church
Charity Baptist Church
Smyrna Baptist Church
Bethlehem High School
The Perkins Family
Andrew Baird's Iron Works
Samuel Austin, Sr
The Bowman Family
John And Luke White
Other Pioneers
Samuel Oxford
Dr. Cyrus Flowers
Jordon Nathaniel Payne
Alfred Stafford
Thomas Wesley Bradburn
William G. Robinson
William Starnes
Dr. York's Work
The Catawba River



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