Florida Civil War Soldiers Service Records

This CD contains service records of Florida soldiers. The information is gathered from various sources and includes details from the microfilm rolls as well as a number of published sources.

On this CD you will find information on approximately 35,000 men who served in the war from Florida. The Florida Civil War Soldiers Index containing 60,000 names is included showing the units of service for each man and a bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.

SAMPLE ENTRY Love, Judg M. (Pvt) - Enlisted March 21, 1862 by Col. William Bradford at Sweetwater, TN for 12 months. Age: 25 - Present on muster rolls through April 62. May – August 62 rolls show absent, sick at home. September - June 63 rolls show AWOL. Deserted on unknown date. Took oath of allegiance at the Office of the Provost Marshal General of East Tennessee on February 26, 1864.

Sources used / incorporated on this CD.


  • Dickison, John J. Confederate Military History - Florida Volume
  • Soldiers of Florida
  • The Southern Historical Society Papers Vol. 15. This book is commonly referred to as The Appomattox Roster
  • Vicksburg Parole Records
  • The South in the Building of a Nation

  • Compiled Service Records by unit:
    Volume: Reel 0010 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - FLORIDA First Cavalry First Battalion, Special Cavalry Second Cavalry Third Battalion, Cavalry Fifth Battalion, Cavalry Capt. Fernandez's Mounted Co. Capt. Pickett's Cavalry Co. Capt. Smith's Cavalry Co. Capt. Abell's Light Artillery Co. Capt. Dunham's Milton Light Artillery Co. Capt. Dyke's Light Artillery Co. Kilcrease Light Artillery Capt. Perry's Light Artillery Co. First Infantry First Infantry, Reserves Second Infantry Second Battalion, Infantry Third Infantry Fourth Infantry

    Volume: Reel 0011 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - FLORIDA Fifth through Eleventh Infantry Conscripts Campbellton Boys Capt. Harrison's Co. Capt. Parson's Co.

    Cemetery Records:

  • Confederate Graves in the City of Williamsburg, VA.
  • Confederate Dead of Canton, Mississippi
  • Register of the Confederate Dead in the Richmond, VA Hollywood Cemetery
  • Sons of Union Veterans Graves Registration Database
  • Find A Grave
  • Gettysburg Dead
  • Aiken County, SC Burials

  • Prisoner of War Records

    For Additional Research