Georgia Civil War Soldiers Service Records

This CD contains service records of Georgia soldiers. It contains notes and reference material gathered from many sources plus the actual microfilm images of the service record cards for Georgia units from the National Archives.

On this CD you will find information on approximately 175,000 men who served in the war from Georgia. The Georgia Civil War Soldiers Index containing 274,000 names is included showing the units of service for each man and a bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.

SAMPLE ENTRY Proctor, James T. - appointed January 13, 1863; reported on muster roll of June 30, 1863, as having been wounded; (The unofficial compilation says at Chancellorsville.) transferred to Heavy Artillery Regiment between June 30, and August 31, 1863; carried on muster roll of this company until he retired, April 6, 1864. Sources used / incorporated on this CD.

  • A Guide to Georgia Civil War Research
  • Georgia in the War
  • Derry, Joseph T. Confederate Military History - Georgia Volume Biographical
  • The Southern Historical Society Papers Vol. 15. This book is commonly referred to as The Appomattox Roster
  • Vicksburg Parole Records
  • Henderson, Lillian. Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia - Compiled Service Records - 14 Volumes
  • History of Atlanta, GA
  • A Standard History of Georgia
  • Roll of officers and members of the Georgia Hussars
  • The South in the Building of a Nation
  • Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal
  • Georgia History

  • Compiled Service Records:

    Volume: Reel 0012
    First Cavalry First Battalion, Cavalry First Battalion, Reserve Cavalry First Gordon Squadron, State Guards, Cavalry Second Georgia Cavalry Second Georgia Cavalry, State Guards Second Battalion, Cavalry Third Cavalry Third Cavalry, State Guards Fourth Cavalry (Clinch's) Fourth Cavalry, State Guards Fifth Cavalry Sixth Cavalry Sixth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Seventh Cavalry Seventh Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Eighth Cavalry Eighth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Ninth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Tenth Cavalry Tenth Cavalry, State Guards Tenth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Eleventh Cavalry Eleventh Cavalry, State Guards Twelfth Cavalry
    Volume: Reel 0013
    Twelfth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Twelfth Cavalry (Robinson's), State Guards Twelfth Cavalry (Wright's), State Guards Thirteenth Cavalry Fifteenth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Sixteenth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Nineteenth Battalion, Cavalry Twentieth Battalion, Cavalry Twenty-first Battalion, Cavalry Twenty-second Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Twenty-fourth Battalion, Cavalry Twenty-ninth Cavalry Sixty-second Cavalry Capt. Alexander's Co., Cavalry Capt. Allen's Co., Cavalry Capt. Arnold's Co., Cavalry Capt. Asher's Co. (Murray Cavalry) Capt. Boddie's Co. (Troup County Independent Cavalry) Capt. Bond's Co., State Guards, Cavalry Camden County Militia, Mounted Capt. Corbin's Co., Cavalry Capt. Floyd's Co., Cavalry Capt. Gartrell's Co., Cavalry Capt. Hall's Co., Cavalry Hardwick Mounted Rifles Capt. Hendry's Co. (Atlantic and Gulf Guards), Cavalry Capt. Humphrey's Co., Independent Cavalry, Reserves Capt. Logan's Co. (White County Old Men's Home Guards), Cavalry Capt. Mayer's Co. (Appling Cavalry) Capt. Nelson's Independent Co., Cavalry Capt. Newbern's Co. (Coffee Revengers), Cavalry Capt. Pemberton's Co., Cavalry Roswell Battalion, Cavalry Capt. Rumph's Co. (Wayne Cavalry Guards) Capt. Russell's Co., Cavalry Lt. Waring's Co., Cavalry Capt. Young's Co. (Allegheny Troopers), Cavalry Ninth Battalion,•Artillery Eleventh Battalion (Stunter Artillery) Twelfth Battalion, light Artillery Fourteenth Battalion (Montgomery's), light Artillery Twenty-second Battalion, Heavy Artillery Twenty-eighth Battalion, Siege Artillery Capt. Anderson's Battalion, light Artillery Capt. Baker's Co., Artillery Capt. Barnwell's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Brooks' Co. (Terrell light Artillery) Capt. Campbell's Independent Co., Siege Artillery Capt. Carlton's Co. (Troup County Artillery) Capt. Clinch's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Croft's Battery (Columbus Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Daniell's Battery,, light Artillery Capt. Terrell's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Eraser's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Guerard's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Hamilton's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Hanleiter's Co. (Jo Thompson's Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Havis' Battery, Light Artillery Capt. Howell's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Hudson's Co. (Arsenal Battery), light Artillery Capt. King's Battery, Light Artillery Capt. LumpkLn's Co., Artillery Capt. Massenburg's Battery (Jackson Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Maxwell's Battalion, Regular light Artillery Capt. Maxwell's Regular light Battery, Artillery Capt. Milledge's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Moore's Battery, Artillery Capt. Pritchard's Co. (Washington Artillery), Light Artillery Pruden's Battery, State Troops, Artillery Capt. Ritter's Co., light Artillery Capt. Scogin's Battery (Griffin Light Artillery) Siege Train Artillery (Major Buist's) Capt. Slaten's Co. (Macon light Artillery) Capt. Tiller's Co. (Echols Light Artillery) Capt. Van Den Corput's Co., light Artillery Capt. Wheaton's Co. (Chatham Artillery)
    Volume: Reel 0014
    First Regulars First light Duty Men First Local Troops, Infantry First Infantry, State Guards First Reserves (Fannin's) First Infantry (Olmstead's) First Infantry (Ramsey's) First Reserves (Symons') First Militia First Battalion, Sharpshooters First Battalion, State Guards, Infantry First City Battalion (Columbus), Infantry First Troops and Defenses (Macon) First State line Second Infantry Second Militia Second Reserves Second Battalion, Infantry Second Battalion, Sharpshooters Second Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Second Battalion Troops and Defenses (Macon) Second State line (Including Stapleton's and Storey's) Third Infantry Third Reserves Third Battalion, Infantry Third Battalion, Sharpshooters Third Battalion, State Guards Fourth Infantry Fourth Reserves Fourth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry
    Volume: Reel 0015
    Fourth Battalion, Sharpshooters Fifth Infantry Fifth Reserves Fifth Infantry, State Guards Fifth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Sixth Infantry Sixth Infantry, State Guards Sixth Militia Sixth Reserves Seventh Infantry Seventh Infantry, State Guards Eighth Infantry Eighth Infantry, State Guards Eighth Battalion, Infantry Ninth Infantry Ninth Infantry, State Guards Ninth Battalion, Infantry Tenth Infantry Tenth Battalion, Infantry
    Volume: Reel 0016
    Eleventh Infantry Eleventh Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Twelfth Infantry Twelfth Militia Thirteenth Infantry Thirteenth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Fourteenth Infantry Fourteenth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Fifteenth Infantry Sixteenth Infantry Seventeenth Infantry Seventeenth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Eighteenth Infantry Eighteenth Battalion, Infantry Eighteenth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Nineteenth Infantry Nineteenth Battalion, State Guards, Infantry Twentieth through Twenty-third Infantry Twenty-third Battalion, Local Defense (Athens Battalion, Enfield Rifle Battalion), Infantry
    Volume: Reel 0017
    Twenty-fourth Infantry Twenty-fifth Infantry Twenty-fifth Battalion, Provost Guard, Infantry Twenty-sixth Infantry Twenty-sixth Battalion, Infantry Twenty-seventh Infantry Twenty-seventh Battalion, Infantry Twenty-seventh Battalion, Nonconscripts, Infantry Twenty-eighth through Thirty-second Infantry Thirty-fourth Infantry Thirty-fifth Infantry Thirty-sixth Infantry (Broyles') Thirty-sixth Infantry (Villepigue's) Thirty-seventh Infantry
    Volume: Reel 0018
    GEORGIA Thirty-eighth through Fifty-seventy Infantry
    Volume: Reel 0019
    Fifty-ninth Infantry Sixtieth Infantry Sixty-first Infantry Sixty-third through Sixty-sixth Infantry Arsenal Battalion (Columbus), Infantry August Battalion, Infantry City Battalion (Columbus), Infantry Coast Guard Battalion, Militia Cook's Battalion, Reserves, Infantry Rowland's Battalion, Conscripts Youngblood's Battalion, Infantry Cobb's Guards, Infantry Cherokee Legion, State Guards Cobb's Legion Floyd's Legion, State Guards Phillip's Legion Smith's Legion Capt. Alexander's Co., Infantry Capt. Anderson's Co. (Anderson's Guards), Infantry Athens Reserved Corps, Infantry Capt. Atwater's Coe, Infantry Capt. Bard's Co., Infantry Capt. Barney's Co. (Richmond Factory Guards), Infantry Capt. Brook's Co. (Mitchell Home Guards), Infantry Capt. Caraker's Co. (Milledgeville Guards), Infantry Capt. Chapman's Co. (Defenders), Infantry Capt. demons' Co., Infantry Capt. Collier's Co., Infantry Capt. Collier's Co. (Collier's Guards), Infantry Conscripts, Georgia Capt. Dozier's Co., Infantry Capt. Ezzard's Co., Infantry Capt. Fuller's Co., Infantry Capt. Garrison's Co. (Ogeechee Minute Men), Infantry Capt. Green's Co., State Armory Guards, Infantry Capt. Grubb's Co., Infantry Capt. Hansell's Co., State Guards, Infantry Capt. Harris' Independent Co. (Brims-wick Rifles), Infantry Capt. Hendry's Co. (Pierce's Mounted Volunteers), Infantry Capt. Howard's Co., Nonconscripts, Infantry Capt. Hull's Co., Infantry Capt. Jackson's Co., Infantry Capt. Jones' Co. (Jones' Hussars), Infantry Capt. Kay's Co. (Franklin County - Guards), Infantry Capt. Lane's Co. (Jasper and Butts County Guards), Infantry Capt. Matthews' Co. (East to West Point Guards), Infantry Capt. Medlin's Independent Co. (High Shoals Defenders), Infantry Capt. Milner's Co. (Madison County Home Guard), Infantry Capt. Moore's Co. (Baldwin Infantry) Capt. Moring's Co. (Emanuel Troops), Infantry Capt. Pool's Co., Infantry Capt. Porter's Co. (Georgia Railroad Guards) Capt. Preston's Co., Railroad Guards Capt. Roberts' Co., Exempts Capt. Russell's Co. (Newton Factory Employees) Capt. Taylor's Co. Capt. Thornton's Co. (Muscogee Guards) Lt. Weem's Detachment, Camp Guard (Augusta) Capt. White's Co. Capt. Witt's Co. (Express Infantry) Capt. Wyly's Co. (Mell's Scouts) Whiteside's Naval Battalion, Local Defense, Infantry Miscellaneous, Georgia

    Cemetery Records:

  • Confederate Graves in the City of Williamsburg, VA.
  • Confederate Dead of Canton, Mississippi
  • Register of the Confederate Dead in the Richmond, VA Hollywood Cemetery
  • Sons of Union Veterans Graves Registration Database
  • Find A Grave
  • Gettysburg Dead
  • Aiken County, SC Burials

  • Prisoner of War Records


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