Iowa Civil War Soldiers Service Records

This CD contains service records of Iowa soldiers. The information is gathered from various sources and includes information from the microfilm rolls as well as a number of published sources.

On this CD you will find information on approximately 97,000 men who served in the war from Iowa. The Iowa Civil War Soldiers Index is included showing the units of service for each man and a bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.

They may include such information as a soldier's name, rank, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, enlistment date and location, muster-in date and location, mustering officer, term of enlistment, pay dates and amounts, transfer and promotion data, and date of discharge. They also list those soldiers who deserted, were killed, ill, or discharged.

Vol 1: 1st - 8th Infantry Regiments
Vol 2: 9th - 16th Infantry Regiments
Vol 3: 17th - 31st Infantry Regiments
Vol 4: 1st - 9th Cavalry Regiments plus 2 Independent Companies
Vol 5: 32nd - 48th Infantry Regiments & 1st African Infantry & 1st - 4th Batteries Light Artillery
Vol 6: Miscellaneous Organizations

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