Illinois Civil War Soldiers Service Records

This CD contains service records of Illinois soldiers. The information is gathered from various sources and includes information from the microfilm rolls as well as a number of published sources.

On this CD you will find information on approximately 362,000 men who served in the war from Illinois. The Illinois Civil War Soldiers Index is included showing the units of service for each man and a bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.

The information is gathered from various sources and includes the images of the service records from the National Archives microfilm rolls as well as a number of published sources.
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They may include such information as a soldier's name, rank, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, enlistment date and location, muster-in date and location, mustering officer, term of enlistment, pay dates and amounts, transfer and promotion data, and date of discharge. They also list those soldiers who deserted, were killed, ill, or discharged.

11 Illinois
First Cavalry through Sixth Cavalry
12 Seventh Cavalry through Twelfth Cavalry
13 Thirteenth Cavalry through Seventeenth Cavalry
Capt. Evans' Independent Co., Cavalry
McClellan Dragoons, Cavalry
First Light Artillery
14 Second Light Artillery
Capt. Bridges' Battery, Light Artillery
Capt. Cogswell's Independent Battery, Light Artillery
Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Light Artillery
Chicago Mercantile Battery, Light Artillery
Elgin Battery (5th Independent), Light Artillery
Capt. Henshaw's Independent Battery, Light Artillery
Capt. Smith's Battery A, Chicago Light Artillery
Capt. Vaughn's Independent Battery, Light Artillery
Seventh Infantry through Ninth Infantry (3 Months, 1861)
15 Tenth Infantry through Fourteenth Infantry
16 Fifteenth Infantry
Fourteenth and Fifteenth Veteran Battalion, Infantry
Sixteenth Infantry through Twentieth Infantry
17 Twenty-first Infantry through Twenty-sixth Infantry
18 Twenty-seventh Infantry through Thirty-second Infantry
19 Thirty-third Infantry through Thirty-seventh Infantry
20 Thirty-eighth Infantry through Forty-second Infantry
21 Forty-third Infantry through Forty-seventh Infantry
22 Forty-eighth Infantry through Fifty-third Infantry
23 Fifty-fourth Infantry through Fifty-eighth Infantry
24 Fifty-ninth Infantry through Sixty-fourth Infantry
25 Sixty-fifth Infantry through Seventy-fifth Infantry
26 Seventy-sixth Infantry through Eighty-second Infantry
27 Eighty-third Infantry through Ninetieth Infantry
28 Ninety-first Infantry through Ninety-seventh Infantry
29 Ninety-eighth Infantry through One hundred Fifth Infantry
30 One Hundred Sixth Infantry through One Hundred Fourteenth Infantry
31 One Hundred Fifteenth Infantry through One Hundred Twenty-third Infantry
32 One Hundred Twenty-fourth Infantry through One Hundred Thirty-fifth Infantry
(100 Days, 1864)
33 One Hundred Thirty-sixth Infantry (100 Days, 1864) through One Hundred
Fifty-sixth Infantry
First Battalion, State Militia, Volunteers (15 Days, 1862)
Alton Battalion, Infantry (100 Days, 1864)
Capt. Kowald's Independent Co., Volunteers, Infantry (3 Months, 1861)
Capt. Perce's Co., State Militia Volunteers, Infantry (30 Days, 1862)
Capt. Walker's Independent Co., Infantry (3 Months, 1861)
34 Indiana
First Cavalry through Seventh Cavalry
35 Eighth Cavalry through Thirteenth Cavalry
Capt. Lamb's Independent Co., Mounted Scouts, Volunteer, Cavalry through
Fourth Battery, Light Artillery
36 Fifth Battery, Light Artillery through Twenty-fifth Battery, Light Artillery
Wilder Battery, Light Artillery
Sixth Infantry through Eighth Infantry (3 Months, 1861)
37 Ninth Infantry through Thirteenth Infantry
38 Fourteenth Infantry through Nineteenth Infantry
39 Twentieth Infantry through Twenty-fifth Infantry
40 Twenty-sixth Infantry through Thirty-second Infantry
41 Thirty-third Infantry through Thirty-eighth Infantry
Fortieth Infantry
42 Forty-second Infantry through Forty-eighth Infantry
43 Forty-ninth Infantry through Fifty-fifth Infantry (3 Months, 1862)
44 Fifty-seventh Infantry through Sixty-sixth Infantry
45 Sixty-seventh Infantry through Seventieth Infantry
Seventy-second Infantry through Seventy-fifth Infantry
46 Seventy-sixth Infantry (30 Days, 1862)
Seventy-eighth Infantry through Eighty-sixth Infantry
47 Eighty-seventh Infantry through Eighty-ninth Infantry
Ninety-first Infantry through Ninety-third Infantry
Ninety-seventh Infantry
Ninety-ninth Infantry
One Hundredth Infantry
48 One Hundred First Infantry
One Hundred Fifteenth Infantry (6 Months, 1863-64) through One Hundred
Eighteenth Infantry (6 Months, 1863-64)
One Hundred Twentieth Infantry
One Hundred Twenty-third Infantry
One Hundred Twenty-fourth Infantry
One Hundred Twenty-eighth Infantry through One Hundred Thirtieth Infantry
One Hundred Thirty-second Infantry (100 Days, 1864) through One Hundred
Thirty-fourth Infantry (100 Days, 1864)
49 One Hundred Thirty-fifth Infantry (100 Days, 1864) through One Hundred Fortieth
One Hundred Forty-second Infantry through One Hundred Fifty-sixth Infantry
Capt. Keasby's Independent Co., Infantry (30 Days, 1862)
Capt. Monroe's Independent Co., Legion, Infantry (30 Days, 1862)
Capt. Patton's Independent Co., Infantry (30 Days, 1862)

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