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Southern Historical Society Papers

This DVD contains the 52 volumes of the Confederate version of the war, as compiled by the Southern Historical Society. This supplement to the Official Records includes letters and records of citizens as well as military officials of the southern states. Other than the Official Records, this 52-volume set is the most important printed source for the Confederacy. Containing everything from congressional minutes to personal reminiscences, it is indispensable for any in depth study of the Confederacy. The PAPERS were issued from 1876-1959.

From the editor:

"In New Orleans, in 1868, I determined to set foot on a plan for the systematic collection and preservation of the Southern archives relating to the war. General Dick Taylor cordially encouraged me, and in May of that year I called a meeting by quiet personal requests of nine or ten gentlemen in the office of Hewitt and Morton. After conversational discussion, it was agreed to meet at the same place one week from that date. Meantime, each of us agreed to canvass among friends and bring them in to help. Next week forty of us assembled, (among them were ten former generals, seven colonels two lieutenant generals, one major, seven captains, two first lieutenants, six medical officers and three members who had been in the Confederate Congress.) and the noble and able Presbyterian divine, Dr. B.M. Palmer, was elected president, and our work went on for several years......."

Major General Dabney Herndon Maury
Founder of the Southern Historical Society
System Requirements

This DVD is designed to be used with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. It allows you to browse and search through the volumes using keyword searches, as well as printing and copying the text into a word processor.

  • Dodge  At Chancellorsville
    Praise and admiration of the Confederate forces at Chancellorsville by Colonel Theodore A. Dodge of the Union Army!
  • Fitz Hugh Lee at Chancellorsville
    See what this famous Confederate Veteran has to say about the battle.
  • Interview with a Confederate Prisoner
    The Story of General Averell's Interview with a Confederate Prisoner Retold.
  • 55th Virginia at Chancellorsville
    An interesting account of this regiment at Chancellorsville.
  • Wounding of Stonewall Jackson
    An account by one of Stuart's Horse Artillery.

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