Ellis, William C.
UNIT:LA 1st Artillery Regiment
RANK IN:2nd Lieutenant
RANK OUT:Lieutenant Colonel

2nd Lt. Capt. Cos. D, B, K and A, 1st La. Hvy. Arty. Enlisted Fort Jackson, La., March 24, 1861. Roll to April 30, 1861, Present. Transfd. from Co. D to Co. B, by Post Order No. 35, April 6, 1861. Transfd. from Co. B, G. O. No. 5. Roll for April 9 to June 30, 1861, Absent on 30 days' sick leave. Roll for July and Aug., 1861, Present. Arrived at Fort St. Philip and reported for duty, Aug. 25, 1861. Present on all Rolls, Sept., 1861, to Feb., 1862. Appears on a List of Paroled Officers, taken at Fts. Jackson and St. Philip, La., April 28, 1862. Regtl. Returns from May, 1862, to July, 1862, Absent on parole taken from Ft. St. Philip. Regtl. Return for Aug., 1862. Absent. Station Jackson. Exchanged. Awaiting orders. Present on Roll for Sept. and Oct., 1862. Roll for Nov. and Dec., 1862, Absent on detached service with Co. E, La. Arty.,.per Orders No. _, Nov., 1862. Present on Rolls, Dec., 1862,    MORE...