Mississippi Records On Line


  1. Mississippi Soldiers buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA
  2. 1890 Mississippi Census Index Of Civil War Veterans or their Widows
  3. Confederate Deaths, Vicksburg Hospitals, June and July 1863 Includes states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee
  4. MS 1st Cavalry Regiment (Adams) - Adams Company, Holmes County Independent
  5. MS 12th Cavalry Regiment Roster
  6. MS 34th Infantry Regiment Roster
  7. Adair's Company, Mississippi Volunteers (Lodi Company)
  8. Applewhite's Company (Vaiden Guards)
  9. Attala Historical Society - Photograph of Civil War Veterans, Attala County, MS.
  10. Barr's Company, Local Defense Troops
  11. Barnes Company, Home Guard
  12. Blythe's Battalion, State Troops
  13. Camp of Instruction Guards, Brookhaven and Enterprise
  14. Captain Berry's Reserve Company (Merwin Guards)
  15. Captain Burt's Independent Company (Dixie Guards)
  16. Captain Clayton's Company (Jasper Defenders)
  17. Captain Comfort's Company
  18. Captain Condrey's Company (Bull Mountain Invincibles)
  19. Captain Cooper's Company
  20. Captain Drane's Company (Choctaw Silver Greys)
  21. Captain Fant's Company
  22. Captain Gage's Company
  23. Captain Gordon's Company
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