Mississippi 17th Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 17th Infantry Regiment was organized at Corinth, Mississippi, in June, 1861 and soon movd to Virginia. The men were drawn from the counties of Pike, Chickasaw, Marshall, Quitman, Alcorn, Tishomingo, Panola, Grenada, and Benton. It fought under D.R. Jones at First Manassas and in April, 1862 contained 692 effectives. During the remainder of the war it served under Generals H. Cobb, Griffith, Barksdale, and Humphreys. After fighting at Leesburg, the 17th was active in the difficult campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from Seven Pines to Cold Harbor, except when detached to Chickamauga and Knoxville. It was involved in Early's Shenandoah Valley operations and later the Appomattox Campaign. This regiment took 600 men to Leesburg and lost 2 killed and 9 wounded. It reported 15 killed and 92 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, 9 killed and 77 wounded of the 270 at Sharpsburg, 13 wounded at Fredericksburg, and 10 killed and 70 wounded at Chancellorsville. Of the 469 engaged at Gettysburg, forty-three percent were disabled. Many were lost at Sayler's Creek , and only 3 officers and 62 men surrendered. Officers:
Colonel Winfield S. Featherston
Colonel William D. Holder
Colonel John C. Fiser
Colonel A.J. Pulliam
Lt. Colonel John McGuirk
Lt. Colonel Gwin R. Cherry
Major John M. Lyles
Major Edmund D. Upshaw
Major William L. Duff
Surgeon Thomas D. Isom
Surgeon Edward Lea
Surgeon Frank W. Patterson
Asst. Surgeon James M. Greene
Asst. Surgeon William R. Gunn
Asst. Surgeon Robert L. Knox
Chaplain William B. Owen
Commissary F.J. Ragland
Commissary B.J. Martin
Adjutant Joseph A. Sykes
Adjutant Richard F. Jones
Adjutant John M. Shuford
Ensign W.C. Morris
D. R. Jones Brigade
Evans Brigade
Evans – Griffith’s Brigade
H. Cobb’s Brigade
Griffith’s – Barksdale’s Brigade
Barksdale’s – Humphrey’s Brigade
Humphrey’s Brigade
Blackburn's Ford, July 18, 1861
First Manassas (Bull Run), July 21, 1861
Edward's Ferry, Oct. 4, 1861
Ball's Bluff, Oct. 21, 1861
Yorktown Siege, April-May 1862
Warwick Road, April 5, 1862
Lee's Mill, April 16, 1862
Yorktown [detachment only], April 26, 1862
Seven Pines, May 31 - June 1, 1862
Seven Days Battles (June 25 - July 1, 1862)
Allen's Farm, June 29
Savage's Station, June 29
Malvern Hill, July 1
Antietam Campaign (Sept. 1862)
Maryland Heights, Sept. 13
South Mountain, Sept. 14
Capture of Harper's Ferry, Sept. 15
Sharpsburg (Antietam), Sept. 17
Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862
Chancellorsville, May 1-4, 1863
Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863
Chickamauga, Sept. 19-20, 1863
Chattanooga Siege (Sept. 22 - Nov. 25, 1863)
Wauhatchie, Oct. 28-29, 1863
Knoxville Siege, Nov. - Dec. 1863
Fort Sanders, Nov. 29
Dandridge, Jan. 14, 1864
Fair Garden, Jan. 27, 1864
Wilderness Campaign (May - June 1864)
The Wilderness, May 5-6
Spotsylvania Court House, May 8-21
North Anna, May 23-26
Totopotomy River, May 30
Cold Harbor, June 1-3
Petersburg Campaign (June 15 - Aug. 6, 1864)
Weldon Railroad, June 22
Deep Bottom (Darbytown), Strawberry Plains, and New Market Road, July 27-29
Malvern Hill, July 28
Early's Shenandoah Operations (Aug. - Oct. 1864)
Cedarville, Aug. 16
Front Royal, Aug. 16
Bunker Hill, Sept. 2-3
Berryville, Sept. 4
Cedar Creek (Belle Grove), Oct. 19
Petersburg Campaign (Oct. 1864 - April 3, 1865)
Hatcher's Run, Feb. 5-7, 1865
War's End
Sayler's Creek (Seven Forks), April 6
Appomattox Court House, April 9
Source: Compendium of Confederate Armies: Mississippi, Stewart Sifakis, New York: Facts on File, 1995
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2725 men.

Company A -- the Buena Vista Rifles (Chickasaw County, MS)
Company B -- the Mississippi Rangers (Marshall County, MS)
Company C -- the Quitman Grays (Pontotoc County, MS)
Company D -- the Rough & Readies, aka the Rough & Ready Volunteers (Pontotoc County, MS)
Company E -- the Burnsville Blues (Tishomingo County, MS)
Company F -- the Samuel Benton Relief Rifles (Marshall County, MS)
Company G -- the Confederate Guards (Marshall County, MS)
Company H -- the Panola Vindicators (Panola County, MS)
Company I -- the Pettus Rifles (DeSoto County, MS)
Company K -- the Magnolia Guards (Calhoun County, MS)
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