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Civil War Battles in North Carolina

From September 1861 until July 1862, Union Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside, commander of the Department of North Carolina, formed the North Carolina Expeditionary Corps and set about capturing key ports and cities. His successes at Roanoke Island and New Bern helped cement Federal control of a part of coastal Carolina.

Fighting continued in North Carolina sporadically throughout the war, particularly along the coast, where the Union army launched several attempts to seize Fort Fisher. In the wars closing days, a large Federal force under William T. Sherman marched into North Carolina, and in a series of movements that became known as the Carolinas Campaign, occupied much of the state and defeated the Confederates in several key battles, including Averasborough and Bentonville. Unlike the wanton destruction Sherman's troops wrought upon Georgia and South Carolina, they proceeded into North Carolina with a modicum of restraint. The surrender of Joe Johnston's Confederate army at Bennett Place in April 1865 essentially ended the war in the Eastern Theater.

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