56th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

Historical Notes:
The North Carolina 56th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in July, 1862, at Camp Magnum, near Raleigh, North Carolina. Its members were recruited in the counties of Camden, Cumberland, Pasquotank, Northampton, Orange, Cleveland, Alexander, Rutherford, and Mechlenburg. It fought at Gum Swamp, Plymouth , and Drewry's Bluff , endured the hardships of the Petersburg trenches south of the James River, and saw action around Appomattox . The regiment had 149 men captured at Gum Swamp, lost 4 killed and 84 wounded at Plymouth , and reported 90 casualties at Ware Bottom Church . Many were disabled at Sayler's Creek , and only 9 officers and 62 men surrenderd with the Army of Northern Virginia. Officers:
Paul F. Faison
Lieutenant Colonel:
G. Gratiott Luke
John Washington Graham
Henry F. Schenck
The unit was on reconnaissance between Goldsboro, Wilmington, and Tarboro, then served on the Blackwater attached to M.W. Ransom's Brigade Battles:
Drewry’s Bluff, VA (May 15, 1862)
Gum Swamp, NC
Plymouth, NC
Ware Bottom Church (May 20, 1864)
Saylor’s Creek
Petersburg Siege
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2112 men.

Co. B, Capt. Frank N. Roberts' Co. - Cape Fear Guards
Co. C, Capt. Alexo P. White's Co. - Pasquotank Boys
Co. D, Capt. John W. Graham's Co. - Graham Rifles
Co. E, Capt. Jos. Gray Lockhart's Co. - Moore Guards
Co. F, Capt. Henry F. Schenck's Co. - Cleveland Riflemen
Co. G, Capt. Henry E. Lane's Co. - Henderson Blues
Co. H, Capt. Thos. C. Halyburton's Co - Pettigrew Guards
Co. I, Capt. Jas. W. Kilpatrick's Co. - Rutherford Rifles
Co. K, Capt. Frank R. Alexander's Co. - Confederate Boys
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