Military units formed in Nevada

In the spring of 1862, recruiting for the army in the Nevada Territory began in Virginia City. These early volunteers were mustered into the 3rd California Cavalry, and occupied military posts within the territory.

In the spring of 1863, Nevada was authorized to raise its own battalion of cavalry for three-years service. Recruitment offices were first opened at Gold Hill and Silver City, and the first men began mustering in on 17 June 1863. Other recruiting stations were later opened in Aurora, Carson City and and the battalion of six companies was completed in April 1864.

The companies, were engaged in various scouting missions and fort garrisoning during their service. Companies A and B left for the Utah Territory in 1864, where they encamped at Fort Bridger, Companies C and F manned Camp Douglas in Utah, while the other two were engaged in numerous skirmishes with hostiles throughout Nevada. 1st Battalion Nevada Volunteer Infantry
1st Battalion Nevada Volunteer Cavalry

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