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Amer Circular Letters] Jones, W. P.
American Circular Letters: Kentucky: On The Civil War & the Local Baptist Churches, 1861 [Campbells Co. Baptis

Amer Circular Letters] Kirtley, Robert E
American Circular Letters: Kentucky: On Discipline, 1866 [Northbend Baptist Assn.]

Castleman, John B.
Active Service

George, Henry
History of the 3rd, 7th, 8th, & 12th Kentucky
418 pgs
Hansbrough, Lucinda Victoria Blair, 1852
Life of Rev. R. Downey Blair: w/sketches of his pastorates [missionary work in Kentucky; Civil War]

Hodge, G. B.
Sketch of the First Kentucky Brigade
Covers the Kentucky 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Infantry Regiments.
Holt, Joseph, 1807-94
The fallacy of neutrality. Address, to the people of Kentucky, Louisville, July 1861

Johnston, Isaac N
Four months in Libby: & the campaign against Atlanta (6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry) [Methodist Book Conce

Kentucky. Comm. to the Peace Conf. Feb 1
Report of the Kentucky Commissioners to the late Peace Conference held at Washington city, made to the legisla

Logan, India Washington Peddicord (Mrs.)
Kelion Franklin Peddicord of Quirk's Scouts: Morgan's Kentucky cavalry, C.S.A.: biographical & autobiographica

Mosgrove, George Dallas
Kentucky Cavaliers in Dixie

Pinkerton, Lewis Letig, 1812-75
Discourse, effects of the Civil War on ecclesiastical matters in Kentucky, Lexington, 1866

Schwarz, W. R. (comp.), et. al.
History of the 1st regiment of the infantry, Kentucky National Guard: from its organization in 1847 to the present

Stone, Henry Lane
Morgan's Men': A Narrative of Personal Experiences [Kentucky]

Taffe, John
Address, churches of Christ in Kentucky: & other loyal states, [re] the treatment of church-members ... in th

Tarrant, Eastham (Sgt.)
The Wild Riders of the 1st Kentucky Cavalry... the regiment in the great war ... 1861-1865; its origin & organ

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Legends of the Operations of the Army of the Cumberland: Brig Gen Rodert Anderson in Kentucky

Young, Lot D. b. 1842
Reminiscences of a Soldier of the Orphan Brigade
153 pgs.
Historical Sketch & Roster Volumes
1st Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Rifles
1st Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
1st Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry
1st Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Helms)
1st Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Butlers)
2nd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Woodwards)
2nd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Dukes)
2nd Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
2nd Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Rifles
2nd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
2nd Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry (Dortchs)
3rd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Dukes Brigade)
3rd Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Rifles
3rd Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
4th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
4th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
5th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
5th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
6th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
6th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
7th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
8th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
8th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
9th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
9th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Diamonds)
10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Johnsons)
10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
11th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
12th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
13th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
Morgans Men Kentucky Cavalry

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