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Books on Civil War Soldiers (mostly Missouri) [bibliography]

Anderson, Galusha 1832-1918
The Story of a Border City during the Civil War: w/ 12 Portraits & Views

Bevier, R. S.
History of the First and Second Confederate Missouri Brigades

Britton, Wiley
Memoirs of the rebellion on the border, 1863

Brotherhead, William
Gen. Fremont & the injustice done him by politicians & envious military men [Western Dept. army]

Chittenden, Hiram Martin
History of early steamboat navigation on the Missouri river
461 pgs.
Connelly, William Elsey
Quantrill & the Border Wars

Cordley, Richard & J.S.Boughton
The Lawrence Massacre by a Band of Missouri Ruffians Under Quantrell [Kansas Frontier]

Eliot, William Greenleaf (Rev.) 1811-87
A discourse, before the members of the 'Old Guard' of St. Louis

Eugene, Pivany
Hungarians in the Civil War
61 pgs.
Farthing, C.M.
Chronicles of the Civil War in Monroe County

Frost, Griffin
Camp and Prison Journal
521 pgs.
Gause, Isaac
Four years with five armies: Army of the frontier, the Potomac, the Missouri, the Ohio, & Army of the Shenando

Gilstrap, Abner Lee, 1814-
Speech, Hon. A L Gilstrap, at Kirksville, Mo., Jun 6 1863 [re] Convening the State Convention

Harding, Samuel Bannister
Life of George R. Smith, founder of Sedalia, Mo: in its relations to the
397 pgs.
Harding, Samuel Bannister
Missouri's Party Struggles in the Civil War Period
19 pgs.
Herr, George Washington
Episodes of the Civil war: nine campaigns in nine states

Leftwich, William M
Martyrdom in Missouri; v1 Religious proscription, seizure of churches, persecution during the civil war; the '
436 pgs.
Leftwich, William W (Rev)
Martydom in Missouri v 2: ...Seizure of Churches... during the Civil War

Lexington (Mo.) Hist. Soc.
The battle of Lexington [Mo.] fought Sept 1861, under command of Col. Mulligan & Gen. Price...

Livingston, Joel Thomas
A History of Jasper County, Missouri
1080 pgs.
McElroy, John
The Struggle for Missouri

Miller, George (Rev)
Missouri's Memorable Decade, 1860-1870 [civil war; social & civil, religious reconstruction]

Missouri Historical Company
History of Ray County, Missouri
818 pgs.
Monks, William, 1830-1913
A history of southern Missouri & N. Arkansas: account of the early settlements, Civil War, KKK

Moore, John C., (Col.) b. 1824
Confederate Military History - Missouri
326 pgs.
Mudd, Joseph A.
With Porter in North Missouri: A Chapter in the History of the War Between the States
504 pgs.
Musick, John Roy
Stories of Missouri
288 pgs.
Nicolay, John George 1832-1901 & John Ha
The Border States [in Abraham Lincoln: A History]

Painter, Henry M.
Brief narrative of incidents in the war in Missouri, & of the personal experience ... [Border Wars]

Peacock, Thomas Brower, 1852-1919
The Rhyme of the Border War. A historical poem of the Kansas-Missouri guerrilla war ...Chas Quantrell

Peckham, James (Lieut.-col. 8th Mo. infa
Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, & Missouri in 1861. A monograph of the great rebellion

Petty, A. W. M.
A history of the 3rd Missouri Cavalry from its organization at Palmyra, Missouri, 1861 to 1864

Rigdon, John C.
The Civil War in Missouri

Rombauer, Robert J.
The Union Cause in St. Louis in 1862: an historical sketch

Sampson, Francis Asbury
Bibliography of slavery and Civil War in Missouri
248 pgs.
Sanborn, John B.
The Campaign in Missouri in Sept & Oct 1864

Shoemaker, Floyd Calvin b. 1886
The story of the Civil War in northeast Missouri. 2nd paper: The Campaign of Gen. Harris & Col. Green

Snead, Thomas Lowndes
The Fight for Missouri, from the election of Lincoln to the death of Lyon [succession & ff.]

Stevens, Walter B.
Lincoln & Missouri [border states policy]

Trow, Harrison (Capt.)
Charles W. Quantrell: A history of his guerrilla warfare on the Missouri & Kansas border, Civil War

U.S. Government Printing Office
Missouri troops in service during the civil war
336 pgs.
Violette, Eugene Morrow
A History of Missouri
473 pgs.
Ware, Eugene Fitch
The Lyon campaign in Missouri: Being a history of the First Iowa infantry
377 pgs.
Webb, William L.
Battles & biographies of Missourians; or, The Civil war period of our state

Winston, J. Cora
O'Kane; or, The doom of the Rebel Guard... the great rebellion ... under Fremont, Sigel, Zagonyi

Historical Sketch & Roster Volumes
Missouri 4th Infantry Regiment

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