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The following volumes are available for Texas research. Subscribers to the ResearchOnLine Digital Library may access any of these volumes at no charge.

Barron, S. B.
The Lone Star Defenders.
209 pgs.
Collins, R. M.
Chapters from the Unwritten History of the War Between the States.
263 pgs.
Dodd, Ephraim Shelby
Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd.
32 pgs.
Dupre, Louis J
Fagots from the Camp Fire
439 pgs.
Fremantle, Arthur James Lyon
Three Months in the Southern States
302 pgs. Hardback is leather bound Time Life Collector's Edition
Graves, H. A.
Andrew Jackson Potter, the Fighting Parson of the Texas Frontier.
526 pgs.
Hughes, W. E.
The Journal of a Grandfather.

Noel, Theophilus
Autobiography and Reminiscences of Theophilus Noel.
365 pgs.
Polk, J. M.
The Confederate Soldier and Ten Years in South America.

Ross, Victor M.
Ross Texas Brigade
282 pgs.
Smith, Ralph J.
Reminiscences of the Civil War.
Sparks, A. W.
The War Between The States as I Saw It.
566 Pgs.
Texas, State of
Laws of the Eighth Legislature of the State of Texas: Extra Session
70 pgs.
Texas, State of
The Constitution of the State of Texas, as Amended in 1861; Constitution of the Confederate States; The Ordina
57 pgs.
Todd, George T.
The First Texas Regiment
50 pgs.
Todd, George T.
History of Company M
104 pgs.
West, John C.
A Texan in Search of a Fight
236 pgs.
Williams, E. W.
With the Border Ruffians; Memories of the Far West.
478 pgs.
Historical Sketch & Roster Volumes
Texas 1st Cavalry Regiment (Yagers)
Texas 1st Regiment, Infantry
Texas 2nd Infantry Regiment
Texas 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2nd Mounted Rifles)
Texas 3rd Cavalry Regiment
3rd Regiment, Texas Infantry
Texas 4th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 4th Infantry Regiment
Texas 5th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 5th Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers
5th Regiment, Texas Infantry
5th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (5th Mounted Volunteers)
Texas 6th Cavalry Regiment
6th Regiment, Texas Infantry
7th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Greggs)
Texas 7th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 8th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 8th Cavalry Battalion
Texas 8th Infantry Regiment
Texas 9th Cavalry Regiment
10th Regiment, Texas Cavalry
10th Regiment, Texas Infantry
11th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Roberts)
11th Battalion, Texas Infantry
12th Regiment, Texas Artillery
13th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Burnetts Mounted Volunteers)
13th Regiment, Texas Volunteers
14th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Clarks)
Texas 15th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 16th Cavalry Regiment (Fitz)
Texas 16th Infantry (Flours)
17th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Allens)
18th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Darnells)
Texas 19th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 20th Cavalry Regiment
20th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Elmores)
21st Regiment, Texas Infantry (Griffins)
Texas 21st Cavalry
Texas 22nd Cavalry
Texas 23rd Cavalry Regiment (Goulds)
24th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Wilkes) (2nd Texas Lancers)
Texas 25th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 26th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 27th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 30th Cavalry Regiment
Texas 31st Cavalry Regiment
Texas 32nd Cavalry Regiment
Texas 33rd Cavalry Regiment
Texas 35th Cavalry
Texas 36th Cavalry
Texas Bairds Regiment
Texas Baileys Regiment
Texas Baylors Cavalry Regiment
Texas Borders Regiment
Texas Edgars Battery Texas Frontier Regiment
Texas Manns Cavalry Regiment
Texas Stirmans Cavalry Regiment
Texas Wauls Cavalry Regiment

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