South Carolina
Physicians in the Civil War


  It is the lot of the successful medical practitioner, who more occupied with discerning diseases and curing them, than with discoursing about their essence, and arranging them into systems, who observes and reflects in order to act rather than to speak - it is the lot of such men to be invaluable when alive, and to be forgotten soon after they are dead; and this is not altogether or chiefly from any special ingratitude or injustice on the part of mankind; but from the very nature of the case. Much that made such a man what the community to their highest profit found him to be, dies, must die, with him.


John Brown (1810 - 1882)

Abney, A. W., no details
Abney, John Pope, Assistant Surgeon - 7th SC Regt.
Abney, M. W., from Edgefield - Surgeon - 22nd SCV
Adams, C. B., Assistant Surgeon
Adams, P. H., Surgeon
Aldrich, Thomas Richardson, Surgeon - Fort Sumter
Allston, Edward Francis
Alston, Theodosius, no details
Alston, William Joseph, surgeon
Ancrum, John Lawrence, Surgeon - Navy and Army
Anderson, A. F., Surgeon - 6th SCV
Anderson, Augustus F., Assistant Surgeon - 6th Reg't. SCV
Anderson, Samuel T., 1st SC Reg't.
Anderson, W. W. Jr., Surgeon - Army Northern Va.
Andrews, Wm, Surgeon - PACS
Angel, J. H., Assistant Surgeon - Charleston Hospital
Arthur, Unknown, Apothecary - Charlottesville Hospital
Asbill, Lewis Monroe, Served in Chemical Dept. of Confed. Govt.
Austin, W. L. M., Captain of Company - Davis Guards from Greenville, SC - Later surgeon
Babcock, Sidney E., Assistant Surgeon - 6th SCV
Babcock, William, Surgeon on Privateer `Jeff Davis'
Bacot, P. B., Assistant Surgeon - Enlisted as Private
Baer, Herman, Surgeon
Baggott, J. F., no details
Bailey, A. W., Surgeon - 1st SCV
Bailey, Thomas P., Chief Surgeon - Georgetown
Bailey, W. H., Assistant Surgeon - 12th SCV
Baker, T. W., Assistant Surgeon
Baker, Thomas McDonald, Lt. Col. Palmetto Reg't.
Bannon, A. J., no details
Barnes, C. V., Surgeon - 17th SCV
Barnett, D. F., no details
Barnwell, Osborne T., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't Artillery
Barron, Archibald Ingram, 1st Lt. - 10th SCV
Barron, William R., Assistant Surgeon
Barton, D. W., Assistant Surgeon - 29th SCV
Barton, W. S., Served in Line
Bartram, D. W., Assistant Surgeon - 20th SC
Baruch, Simon, Surgeon - 2nd SCV
Bass, J. R., no details
Bassard, John, Surgeon
Bates, Wm. T. C., no details
Baxley, J. Brown, Surgeon - 1st North Carolina Hospital
Beale, A.J., Assistant Surgeon, 25th Reg't.
Becker, O., Assistant Surgeon
Beckett, James L., Private - Ward Master at General Hospital No. 1 at Summerville
Bellinger, Amos Northrop, Assistant Surgeon
Bellinger, Martin, Surgeon - 1st SCV
Bellinger, William M., no details
Benson, W. H., 5th SCV
Bissell, Edward Henry, Surgeon, Palmetto Guards
Black, James Benjamin , Assistant Surgeon - 11th Regt.
Bland, Elbert, 1st SCV. Became Lt. Colonet in 7th SC Infantry
Bland, Walter, no details
Boatright, J. A., Assistant Surgeon
Boatwright, N. M., no details
Bonneau, Peter Porcher, Surgeon - 10th SCV
Bonner, Murray, Assistant Surgeon
Boozer, John J., Regimental Surgeon
Bossard, J. J., (possibly J. I.) - Assistant Surgeon
Boulware, J. R., Assistant Surgeon - 7th S.C. Regt.
Bowman, Orin Nelson, Assistant Surgeon - 25th Reg't.
Bozeman, John J., Assistant Surgeon - Hampton's Legion
Bradley, Benjamin W., no details
Branch, Isaac, Surgeon - 3rd SC
Bratton, James R., Assistant Surgeon = 5th SCV
Bratton. John M., Enlisted as Private and became Brigadier-General
Breeland, W. T., Surgeon - Hampton Legion
Bright, George S., Assistant Surgeon
Bristow, D. R., Assistant Surgeon - 8th SCV
Brodie, R. L., Medical Director
Brooker, W. T., no details.
Broom, Dr. Thomas Furnan
Brouthton, J. S., no details
Brown, Benjamin F., Surgeon 2nd SC Rifles
Brown, Pike, Assistant Surgeon Navy
Brown, S. Moore, Assistant Surgeon
Brown, Thomas C., Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Broyles, James J., Assistant Surgeon
Bruns, J. D., 1st VA and Roper Hospitals
Bryant, Javan, Assistant Surgeon
Buist, J. Robertson, no details
Buist, J. Somers, Surgeon - Hampton's Legion
Bull, William Izard, Assistant Surgeon - Gregg's 1st Reg't.
Burkhalter, J. H., no details
Burnett, Andrew W., Surgeon - 9th SC Regt.
Burnham,Richard, Assistant Surgeon - 16th SC Regt.
Burton, C. S., 21st SC
Butler, Pierre P., Surgeon - 2nd SCV Edgefield
Byrd, Daniel E., Assistant Surgeon, 8th SCV
Byrd, S. D. M., Surgeon
Cain, Joseph P., Assistant Surgeon - 27th SCV
Caine, S. P., Assistant Surgeon 27th Regt.
Caldwell, John, Assistant Surgeon Army of Northern Virginia
Caldwell, W. R., Assistant Surgeon - 12th SC
Calhoun, Franklin R., Surgeon - 6th SC Cavalry
Calhoun, John W., Assistant Surgeon
Campbell, A. J., Surgeon
Campbell, W. W., Assistant Surgeon - 17th SCV
Cannon, John L, Assistant Surgeon
Cannon, W. S., Assistant Surgeon
Carlisle, R. C., Surgeon - 7th SCV
Carlyle, Unknown, Assistant Surgeon - 7th SC
Carr, Unknown, Assistant Surgeon - 1st SCV
Carrere, Maynard Edward, Volunteer Surgeon - Hospital at Charleston
Carson, Lewis D., Assistant Surgeon
Carswell, William A., Surgeon
Carter, F., no details
Carter, Joseph, Assistant Surgeon
Chazal, John P., Surgeon
China, A. J., no details
Chisolm, J. J., no details
Clarke, Courtney James, Surgeon - SC Palmetto Reg't.
Clarkson, Henry M., no details
Coan, Wm. H., 2nd SC Cavalry
Coffman, J., 20th SCV
Coit, David G., Assistant Surgeon - 8th SCV
Coleman, Hamilton A., Assistant Surgeon - 13th SCV
Compton, William Poole, Captain - Organized Company from Pacolet
Connell, Alva
Cooley, Hiram, Surgeon - 4th SCV
Cooper, Thomas, Surgeon
Cooper, Unknown, Assistant Surgeon - 24th SCV
Cooper, William Henderson - 16th SCV
Cothran, Wade E., Served in Line
Covert (?), I. M., Assistant Surgeon
Crawford, R. L., Assistant Surgeon - 9th SC Reg't of Volunteers. Captain in Line.
Cromer, N. S., Medical Director - Columbia
Cromwell, Benj. M., Surgeon - 1st SC Rifles
Crook, Andrew Barry, no details
Cross, E. W., Assistant Surgeon
Crowell, N. S., Medical Director - Charleston Hospital
Culpepper, James F., in Line (?) - 1st SC Volunteers
Cummings, Wm. Henry, Actint Medical Director - First Georgia Hospital
Cuthbert, George - Assistant Surgeon, Charleston
Cuthbert, T. L., Soldier's Relief Hospital - Charleston
Dale, W. B., 16th SCV
Daniel, John F., Goodwin's Reg't.
Daniel, W. L., Assistant Surgeon - 8th SCV
Dantzler, Manly J. D., Private - Steward - Assistant Surgeon
Darby, Charles S., Assistant Surgeon
Darby, John Thomson, Medical Director - Army of the West
Dargan, T. A., Surgeon - 21st SCV
Dargan, W. E., Surgeon
Darrot, Thomas, Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Davant, Charles, Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SC Cavalry
DaVega, A. H., Surgeon - 23rd SCV
DaVega, Columbia, 23rd Reg't.
David, William J., Surgeon - 8th (18th?) SCV
Davis, John Bunyan, In Line
Davis, Robert, Palmetto Sharp Shooters
Dawson, John L., no details
Deas, Elias Horry, no details
DeLeon, David Camden, Surgeon General of Confederacy
Dennis, R. E., 2nd SC
DeRoche, Francis Grainger, 16th SCV
DeSaussure, Henry W., Served in Line.
DeSaussure, L. M., 4th Reg't.
Desportes, Richard Smallwood, Line
DeTreville, Edw. W., Private W. L. I.
Devant, Charles, 3rd SCV
Dick, Leonard White, Assistant Surgeon - 24th SCV
Dickson, J. F., 25th SCV
Doar, Stephen D., no details
Dorrah, John F., Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Douglas, John, Surgeon - 6th SCV
Douglas, L. S., no details
Dowling, Elijah H., Assistant Surgeon - 1st SCV
Doyle, John Newton, Assistant Surgeon - Moore's 2nd Rifles
Doyle, Oliver M., Surgeon - Moore's 2nd Rifles
Dozier, Allen S., Surgeon - 7th SCV
Dozier, L., Assistant Surgeon Army of Northern Virginia
Drayton, John, no details
Drummond, M. W., Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV
DuBose, J. B., no details
Dudley, John G., Assistant Surgeon
Dudley, T. E., Surgeon - 8th SCV
Dudley, W. S., Served in Line
Duffie, Jas. F., no details
Dunlap, Richard Simpson, Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV. Also served in line as a private.
Dunn, Alexander, Assistant Surgeon
Dunovant, Robt. G. M., Line Officer General
Dupont, Charles E., Assistant Surgeon - 4th SC Cavalry
DuPont, Wilfred, Assistant Surgeon
Dupre, John Y., Assistant Surgeon - 26th SCV
Durant, Charles, Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SC Cavalry
Durant, David Elias, Served in Line
Dwight, R. Y., Assistant Surgeon
Dye, Wm. Ross, Hampton Legion
Earle, George W, Private - Assistant Surgeon
Earle, T. T., no details
Edmons, Robert H., no details
Edwards, E. H., no details
Elliot, John B., Surgeon
Elliott, Ralph Emms, Served in Line
Elliott, William H., Assistant Surgeon
English, Wm, 11th SCV
Evans, James, Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Evans, Thomas A., Surgeon - 1st SC Rifles
Evans, Unknown, 3rd SC
Ewart, Daniel E., Assistant Surgeon Navy
Ewart, David E., Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Fair, Unknown, Surgeon
Perhaps this was Dr. Samuel Fair of Columbia, SC.
Farnandis, G. G., 2nd SCV
Faust, Henry S. (M?), Assistant Surgeon - 5th SC Cavalry
Few, Benjamin, Surgeon
Field, William Thomas, Served in Line
Fish, J. S., Assistant Surgeon
Fishburne, B. C., Surgeon
Fitch, Augustus, Assistant Surgeon = 17th Reg't.
Flagg, E. B., Assistant Surgeon - Post Hospital Waccamaw
Fleming, Charles E., Surgeon - 22nd SCV
Flud, Daniel, Assistant Surgeon Florence Hospital
Ford, C. T., Assistant Surgeon
Ford, DeSaussure, no details
Ford, Unknown, no details
Ford, W. H., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't Artillery
Forster, Alexius Mador, Surgeon
Fort, Wiley K., Surgeon
Foster, Carl A., Surgeon
Foster, J. H., Surgeon - 5th SC Reg't. Also private in line.
Fox, Thomas Shelton, Assistant Surgeon
Fraser Henry deS., Surgeon
Frederick Edward J., Served in line - 1st SC Vols.
Frederick, A. D, Servid in Line
Fripp, C. A. - Assistant Surgeon - 20th SCV
Frost, Francis L., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't. SCV
Frost, Frank, Surgeon - 7th SC Cavalry
Frost, Henry R., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't. Artillery
Fuller, Anthony Cook, Served in Line, 3rd SC
Fuller, Franklin - Reserves
Furman, R. I. K., Served in Line (?)
Gaillard, E. S., Surgeon, 1st Maryland Reg't
Galloway, W. L., Lieutenant in Line
Garlington, William Hunter, Private - Assistant Surgeon
Garmany, George W., 62nd NC
Garton, Rosemont, no details
Gary, F. F., Surgeon - 1st Reg't SCV
Gary, J. Wistar, Served in Line
Gaston, James McFadden, Chief Surgeon - SC Forces
Gaston, James McFadden, Chief Surgeon - SC Forces
Geddings, Edward, no details
Geddings, Eli, Army Medical Board in Charleston
Geddings, J. F. M., Chief Surgeon - 2nd Military District
Geddings, William H., Chief Medical Purveyor - Army Northern Virginia
Geiger, Franklin, Fort Sumter
Geiger, W. J., Holcombe Legion
Gibbes, R. W., Surgeon General of South Carolina

Gibbes, Robert Reese, Surgeon Navy
Gibbs, John H., 19th SCV
Gildersleeve, J. R., 7th SC
Gilmore, James L. B., no details
Girardeau, Thomas C., Assistant Surgeon - 26th SCV
Gladney, Samuel McK, Surgeon
Glenn, George W., Surgeon
Goethe, James H., Assistant Surgeon
Goodwyn, J. Jesse, Assistant Surgeon 2nd Reg't Artillery
Goodwyn, T. Jeff Jr., Assistant Surgeon - 1st SCV Artillery
Goodwyn, T. Jeff, Assistant Surgeon - 2nd Reg't Artillery
Gourdin, T. R., Surgeon - Charolottesville Hospital
Graham, Isaac W., no details
Green, R. S., Assistant Surgeon - 10th SCV
Green, R. S., Assistant Surgeon - 10th SCV
Green, William P., Assistant Surgeon - Hampton's Legion
Greenland, C. M., no details
Gregorie, Isaac McP, Surgeon - 4th SC Cavalry
Griffen, Peter E., 3rd Reg't.
Griffin, William King, Assistant Surgeon - Holcombe Legion
Grimball, Lewis M., Surgeon - 6th SC Cavalry
Grimke, J. S., Assistant Surgeon
Grimke, Thos., no details
Grist, Hare B., no details
Gwyn, T. D., Assistant Gurgeon - 4th SCV
Hall, Unknown, Assistant Surgeon - 17th SCV
Hanahan, Robert B., Surgeon - 7th Battalion
Hanna, R. C., Enlisted
Hannahan, Ralph B., Surgeon - Nelson's Battalion
Happoldt, C., Surgeon - Hagood's Brigade
Harold, J. A., 3rd NC Hospital - Charleston
Harris, T. Y., 14th SCV
Harris, William H., Assistant Surgeon
Hart, Nat., Assistant Surgeon - 1st SC Reg't.
Hasell, L. C., Surgeon, 26th SCV
Hasell, Lewis C., no details
Hawkins, William H., 10th SCV
Hayes, William A., Assistant Surgeon
Haynsworth, Joseph Cox, Surgeon
Heard, P. J., Assistant Surgeon - Sumter Flying Artillery
Hemingway, Thomas S., Staff Surgeon - 7th Reg't SC Cavalry
Henson, J. B., no details
Hill, J. Walter, Surgeon - 19th SCV
Hill, John W., no details
Hill, Lovick Sanchy, Surgeon
Hodge, A. W., 7th SCV
Hoke, Augustus Dewitt, Captain in Line - Butler Guards
Holbrook, John E., no details
Hollbrook, H. B., Surgeon - Army Board
Holmes, Henry M., Surgeon
Holmes, John R. (B.? P.?), Assistant Surgeon
Horlbeck, Elias Buckinham, Line (?)
Horlbeck, Henry B., Surgeon - 1st SC Reg't.
Horlbeck, William C., no details
Horton, I. J., 4th SC Cavalry
Horton, O. Roscoe, Surgeon - 7th SCV
Howle, Thomas, 8th SCV
Hudgens, Thomas Allison, 7th SCV
Hudson, A. W., Assistant Surgeon, 4th Reg't. SC
Hudson, J. W., Assistant Surgeon, 4th SCV
Hudson, James Wilson, Medical Examining Board
Huger, W. H., Surgeon
Huger, Wm. H., no details
Hunt, J. P., 3rd SC Reg't.
Hunt, Lovis V., Assistant Surgeon - 14th SCV
Hunter, G. W., 3rd SCV
Hunter, J. P., Surgeon - 3rd SC Infantry
Hunter, M. M., 5th Reg't St.
Hutson, Thomas Woodward, Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Inabinett, William M., Assistant Surgeon
Ingram, John Isaac, Surgeon
Irving, A. E., Served in Line
Jackson, E. E., Apothecary - Charlottesville Hospital
Jackson, H. G., Assistant Surgeon - 18th SC Reg't.
James, B. S., no details
James, J. A., no details
James, Joseph Allston, Brigade Surgeon - 15th SCV
Jarrot, James B., Assistant at T. A. Dargan at Wayside Hospital - Florence
Jenkins, E. M., no details
Jenkins, Edward D., Surgeon
Jenkins, Seabrook, Assistant Surgeon - Winnsboro Hospital
Jenkins, Wm. L., Reg. Surgeon
Jennings, A. T., Surgeon - 19th SCV
Jennings, James B, 19th SCV
Jennings, Joseph J., Surgeon - 19th SCV
Jervey, Henry, Assistant Surgeon
Jervey, James Postell, Surgeon - Summerville Hospital
Johnston, Richard L., Assistant Surgeon - 17th SCV
Jordan, George W., Hospital Steward - Surgeon
Jordan, Robert F., 6th SCV
Keith, Willis W., Assistant Surgeon
Keller, T. K., no details
Kellers, Edward H., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't Artillery
Kelller, J. W., 2nd SC Rifles
Kennedy, Lionel Chalmers - Surgeon, 13th Reg't.
Kennerly, John C. W., no details
Kennerly, S. N., Served in Line
Kerr, J. W. J., no details
Kilgore, N. F., Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SC Cavalry
Kinloch, R. A., Medical Inspector of Hospitals
Kirkland, W. F., Surgeon - Martin's Reg't. 8th SCV
Kollock, Cornelius, Surgeon
Kuykendall, Robert, Navy
LaBorde, James Carroll, no details
Ladd, Charles Henry, Assistant Surgeon - 6th SCV.  Also served in line as a private.
Lafar, T. A., In charge of Hospital Bureau in Virginia
Lagrone, David Philip - Surgeon
Lartique, G. B., Surgeon - Johnson Hagood's Staff
Lawton, B. W., Surgeon General of SC
Lawton, James S., Private - Surgeon
Lebby, B. M., Private - Assistant Surgeon
Lebby, Robert Jr., Surgeon - 2nd Reg't Artillery
Lebby, Robert Sr., no details
LeConte, Joseph, Chemist - Confederate Laboratory
Lee, H. J., Served in Line
Leverett, Frederick P., 9th SC Reg't.
Lewis, Frederick S., Captain - Served in Line
Lining, Charles EdwardSurgeon - Navy
Lining, Thomas
Link, William Edwin, Private Surgeon
Lipford, Albert Thaddeus, Assistant Surgeon - 24th SCV
Little, John R., Assistant Surgeon
Lockwood, States Lee, no details
Logan, John H., Surgeon - 17th SCV
Logan, Samuel, Surgeon - 25th SCV
Logan, T. M., Jr. Assistant Surgeon
Long, R. D., Private - Assistant Surgeon - Hampton's Legion
Lucas, Benjamin Simons, Cpatian in Line
Lucas, S. S., Surgeon - then Captain
Lucas, Thomas A., no details
Lynah, Arthur M., Surgeon - Navy
Lynch, James N. M., no details
Lynch, John, Surgeon General of South Carolina in 1865
Lynch, Thomas Jefferson, Served in Confederate Army
Mably, John, Assistant Surgeon - Medical Examining Board (Chimborazo)
Mackey, John T. (F?), Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Mackie, Unknown, 3rd SC
Manigault, Gabriel, Served in Line - 4th Reg't.
Marshall, Samuel S., Examining Board
Massey, J. E., from Lancaster
Maxwell, J. Chappell, Assistant Surgeon - 2nd SCV.  Also served in line as a private.
Maxwell, P. J., Assistant Surgeon - 24th SCV
May, John Preston, Examined Conscripts - 3rd Congress Dist. - 16th SCV
Mayes, J. A., Physician and Surgeon
Mazyck, Edmund, Served in Line
Mazyck, Philip P., Assistant Surgeon - Federals' Point - Near Charleston
McBayle, Arch Orne, Navy
McCauley, James, Surgeon - Fort Sumter
McCauley, Unknown, Surgeon 6th SC Cavalry
McClain, Henry, 7th SC Cavalry
McClanahan, James Marshall, In Service
McCoy, Thomas, Assistant Surgeon
McCullam, H. B., Assistant Surgeon - 15th SCV
McDaniel, Edward Davies, Physian to the Port
McDow, F. F., no details
McDowell, J. M. Surgeon
McGregorie, J., no details
McIntosh, James, Assistant Surgeon - 8th SCV.  Also served in line.
McIver, Bransford, Assistant Surgeon - 8th SCV
McKenzie, W. G., Assistant Surgeon - 24th SCV
McKewn, J. C., Captain Cavalry
McKie, Robert Henry, Army of Northern VA
McKie, Thomas Jefferson, Assistant Surgeon - 10th SCV
McLaurin, Henry J., Private - Surgeon - 7th SC Cavalry
McLean, J. R., no details
McLeod, A., no details
McLeod, Robert Young, Served in Line
McSwain, Eldridge T., Assistant Surgeon
Meacham, Thomas Boyd, 1st Lieut. White Guard Company
Means, T. Sumter, Lt. Captain and Surgeon
Meek, James T., Assistant Surgeon
Meggett, James M., Assistant Surgeon
Mellichamp, J. H., no details
Memminger, T. B., Assistant Surgeon
Meriwether, Nicholas, Served In Line
Michel, Charles Eugene, Division Medical Inspector
Michel, F. R., 1st Reg't Art. S. C. M.
Michel, Richard Fraser, no details.
Michel, Unknown, Surgeon - 23rd SCV
Michel, W. Middleton, no details.
Mickie, W. E., Assistant Surgeon - Holcombe's Legion
Miles, Ashton, no details.
Miles, F. S. T., Captain - Surgeon - 17th Reg't SC
Miller, Thomas S., Assistant Surgeon
Miller, william J., Assistant Surgeon
Milligan, Joseph, General Hospital No. 16 Near Richmond
Minnis, J. C., 11th SCV
Mobley, S. Goode, Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't SCV
Mobley, Samuel F., 7th SCV Cavalry
Monroe, F. M., Line Officer
Mood, J. R., Assistant Surgeon, 17th Reg't.
Moore, Albertus A., Assistant Surgeon - 5th SCV.  Also served in line.
Moore, Henry W., Assistant Surgeon - Hampton's Legion
Moore, J. Nolte, Assistant Surgeon
Moore, J. Nott, Assistant Surgeon - 1st SCV.  Also served in line.
Moore, James S., no details
Moore, Matthews S., Brigade Surgeon - Mt. Pleasant Post Hospital
Moore, Maurice, Assistant Surgeon - 1st SCV
Moore, R. M., no details
Moore, Samuel Preston, Surgeon General
Morrall, G. W., Surgeon
Morrow, James, Requested Appt. as Surgeon
Moses, Franklin J., Assistant Surgeon
Muirhead, Robert Y., Surgeon
Muldrow, Robert M., Assistant Surgeon
Muller, Samuel, Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't SC Artillery
Mullins, James E., no details
Murdoch, Bryson, 8th SCV
Murray, Joseph J., Assistant Surgeon - 23rd SCV
Murray, W. W., Assistant Surgeon, Sullivan's Island
Murray, William, Served in Line
Nardin, Walter H., Surgeon
Nash, Herbert, no details
Neal, J. D., Assistant Surgeon - 8th SC
Norman, Jason F., Assistant Surgeon
Norment, B. C., no details
North, Edward, no details
North, Richard, Surgeon - Charlottesville Hospital
Norton, E., no details
Norwood, J. D., 8th SCV
Nott, F. E., 18th SC Reg't.
Nott, Henry Junius, Surgeon 18th SCV
Nott, Josiah C., Bragg's Staff
Nott, T. E., Surgeon 5th SCV
O'Bannon, J. J., Surgeon
Ogier, T. L. Sr., Surgeon, 24th SCV
Ogier, Thos. L. Jr., Assistant Surgeon - 6th SCV
Owens, Christian D., Assistant Surgeon
Palmer, J. C., Assistant Surgeon - 17th SC Reg't/
Palmer, John D., Assistant Surgeon - 6th SCV
Parker, C. M., no details
Parker, F. L., Surgeon
Parker, Francis Simons, Provost Marshal of Georgetown in War
Parker, John Emilius, no details
Patterson, Robert M., Assistant Surgeon
Pattison, T. H., Served in Line
Patton, John D., Assistant Surgeon
Patton, W. F., Surgeon Naval Hospital (Charleston)
Pearce, James F., Surgeon - 8th SCV
Peeples, Henry M., Assistant Surgeon - 2nd SCV
Pelot, James M., Assistant Surgeon
Pelzer, Anthony P., no details
Pendergrass, B. R., Served in Line
Pettigrew, William, 3rd Reg't Reserves
Pickens, Thos. G., no details
Pinckney, Charles, Surgeon - 1st Reg't Cavalry
Pitts, M. W., Assistant Surgeon - 10th SCV
Player, W. A., Surgon - 21st SCV
Pleasants, J. A., no details
Poole, John T., Served in Line
Pope, Daniel S., Assistant Surgeon
Pope, Samson, Assistant Surgeon - 18th SCV
Porcher, Edward Goff, Assistant Surgeon
Porcher, F. P., Surgeon - Holcombe Legion
Porcher, Julius Theodore, no details
Post, Unknown, Summerville Hospital
Post, William, Surgeon - Palmetto Sharp Shooters
Postell, Charles G., no details
Postell, P. S., no details
Powe, James Harrington, Served In Line
Powell, John W., Surgeon - 1st Reg't. SCV
Pratt, Tom, from Lancaster
Prefect, W. K., Assistant Surgeon - 7th SC Battalion
Prentiss, Christopher J., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't Artillery
Pressley, J. L., Surgeon - 27th Reg't SCV
Pressly, James G. P., Colonel in Line - 15th Infantry Reg't.
Price, Skirving, Assistant Surgeon
Pringle, Wm. Judson, Surgeon - 2nd SC Cavalry
Prioleau, J. Ford, Surgeon -  17th Reg't S. C. M.
Prioleau, W. H., Surgeon - 1st Reg't Artillery
Propst, William K., Assistant Surgeon, 7th SC
Pugh, Unknown, no details
Purcell, James, Surgeon - 3rd SC Battalion
Quattlebaum, Joseph, Served in Line
Raoul, Alfred, Surgeon
Ravenel, D. Edmund, Assistant Surgeon
Ravenel, St. J., Surgeon - 24th SCV
Ravenel, W. C., Surgeon - 25th Reg't.
Ravenel, William F., no details
Rawles, O. F., no details
Rawles, Thos. J., no details
Ray, Edward S., Assistant Surgeon
Rembert, E. J., Director of all SC Hospitals
Reynolds, John McKee, Assistant Surgeon
Rhett, Benjamin, no details
Rhett, Burnet, Served in Line - Capt. Brooks' Artillery
Rice, C. D., Surgeon - Howard's Grove Hospital
Rice, William B., Capt - Surgeon - Richmond Hospitals
Richardson, James P., Assistant Surgeon
Richmond, J. M, Assistant Surgeon - 1st SC Rifles
Rivers, A. W., Assistant Surgeon - Fort Sumter
Rivers, Capers M., Assistant Surgeon
Robertson, F. M. Jr., Surgeon (Army Board)
Robertson, Peter Gervais, Served in Line
Robertson, T. T., no details
Robertson, William F., Assistant Surgeon
Robinson, Henry, Assistant Surgeon
Robinson, Paul Gervais, Surgeon, 1st Reg't SCV
Rodman, George W., Surgeon - Major Vaughn's Brigade
Rowley, E. E. S., 2nd SC Cavalry
Royall, Ed. M., Assistant Surgeon - 26th SCV
Ruff, J. M. M.
Russell, William T., Holcombe Legion
Salley, A. S., Surgeon - 20th SC
Salmond, T. W., no details
Sams, Calhoun, Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't. Cavalry
Sanders, S. H., Boykin's Depot
Sanders, Samuel D., Lt. Then Surgeon
Saunders, W., Assistant Surgeon, 1st Georgia Hospital
Scarborough, W. M., Assistant Surgeon = 14th SCV
Scott, John J., no details
Seabrook, E. M., Surgeon - 5th Division, SC
Seabrook, John, no details
Shands, W. A., Lt. Then Surgeon
Shaw, Theodorock M. (A?), Assistant Surgeon - 22nd SCV
Shell, Elbert C., Assistant Surgeon
Shell, Henry Drayton, Assistant Surgeon - 3rd SCV
Shepherd, P. W., Assistant Surgeon - 7th SC
Sheppard, David, Assistant Surgeon - 7th SCV
Simmons, J. H., Assistant Surgeon
Simons, Hume, Assistant Surgeon
Simons, Thomas Y., Surgeon
Simpkins, James R., no details
Simpson, John B., Assistant Surgeon, 4th SC Cavalry
Skine, W. F., Surgeon - 7th SCV
Sloan, J. M., Assistant Surgeon, 16th SCV
Sloan, P. H. E., no details
Sloan, Paul A. G., Assistant Surgeon
Smith, Benj. Burgh, Served in Line
Smith, E. B., Assistant Surgeon = 21st Reg't..
Smith, John, 4th SC Reg't.
Smith, Lesesne, no details
Smith, Mason W., Assistant Surgeon
Smith, R. Press, Served in Line (?)
Smith, Robert Marion, Served in Line
Smith, William Faher, Hampton's Legion
Snowden, Peter G., Assistant Surgeon - Holcombe Legion
Snowden, R. P., Assistant Surgeon - Holcombe Legion
Sparkman, James R., Surgeon - Harlee's Legion
Speake, J. Frank, Assistant Surgeon - 24th SCV
Spencer, W. F., no details
Stallworth, A., no details
Stark, Thomas T., Surgeon General of South Carolint (1865)
Stepehns, Levi C., Assistant Surgeon - Hart's Battery
Stephenson, Joseph B., Assistant Surgeon - 16th SCV
Stevens, Unknown, Served in Line
Stokes, Peter, Surgeon
Stoney, John S., Surgeon - 1st SCV
Stovall, Joseph B., no details
Strain, T. J., no details
Strait, G. L., Assistant Surgeon
Stuart, Henry Middleton, Served in Line - Captain - Beaufort Artillery
Stuart, Thomas M., Assistant Surgeon
Summers, J. W., Assistant Surgeon - 1st SCV
Taber, Albert R., Assistant Surgeon
Taber, Charles H., Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't. Artillery
Taber, Charles R., Staff Surgeon - 7th SC
Taggart, W. M., Hampton's Brigade
Talley, A. N., Medical Director of the Confederate Forces in South Carolina
Taylor, Benjamon Walter, Medical Director to Cavalry Corps.
Teague, T. J., Assistant Surgeon
Templeton, Unknown, no details
Thomas, J. W., Served in Line
Thomas, Thomas S., Assistant Surgeon
Thomas, William, Served in Line
Thompson, A. W., Surgeon - 5th SCV
Thompson, C. R., no details
Thompson, Thomas S., Surgeon 5th SC Cavalry
Thompson, W. L., Surgeon - Charlottesville Hospital
Thompson, Waddy, 5th SC
Thomson, A. W., 5th SC
Thomson, Charles R., Assistant Surgeon
Thomson, Thomas S., no details
Timmerman, Washington Hodges, Served in Line
Todd, George R. C., Surgeon - 1st SC Hospital - Rikersville
Todd, Unknown, from Camden
Toland, Elisha, Assistant Surgeon - 18th SCV
Tompkins, DeWitt Clinton, Served in Line - 14th SC
Trescot, George E., Assistant Surgeon General - Lane's NC Brigade
Trezevant, George S., Assistant Surgeon
Tripp, Clarenca A., Assistant Surgeon
Trotter, G. P., no details
Tucker, Daniel, Assistant Surgeon
Tucker, Henry Massingberg, Lt. Nesbit's Battalion
Turner, M. A., no details
Turner, Thomas J., Assistant Surgeon
Turner, W. K., Navy
Turnipseed,  E. B., Surgeon - 12th Inv. SC
Waddell, G. A., Assistant Surgeon - 7th SC
Walker, Benjamin F., Assistant Surgeon
Walker, Edmund Rhett, Surgeon - 8th SCV
Walker, John A., Assistant Surgeon - 5th Reg't.
Wallace, Alfred, Assistant Surgeon
Wallace, William D., Assistant Surgeon - 8th SC Reg't.
Wallace, Wm. Lewis, Served in Line - 7th SC Cavalry
Walter, Daniel S., Surgeon
Wardin, W. H., Assistant Surgeon - 25ht Reg't.
Waring, John Ball, Served in Line
Waring, T. S., Assistant Surgeon - 17th SCV
Warren, James M., Assistant Surgeon - 25th Reg't.
Warren, Thomas J., Assistant Surgeon
Washington, Unknown, Surgeon
Wasson, George W., Served in Line
Watson, D. S., Assistant Surgeon
Watson, Wm. Henry, no details
Weekley, John Martin - Assistant Surgeon
Weir, Thomas, Surgeon - Quitman's Rifles
Welch, Spencer G., Assistant Surgeon - 13th SC
Westmoreland, John M., 14th SC Reg't.
Weston, William D., Assistant Surgeon - 7th SC
Weston, William, Staff Surgeon
Whaley, Unknown, Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't. Cavalry
Whistler, William M., Assistant Sugeon - Orr's Rifles
White, L., 3rd SC Battalion
White, Octavious A., Surgeon - 3rd SC Battalion
White, Richard G., Served in Line - 10th SCV
Whitesides, Thomas D., Assistant Surgeon - 1st SC Rifles
Wier, Thos. Withrow, Surgeon - Quitman's Rifles
Wiggins, James B., Assistant Surgeon
Williams, A. English - Surgeon - 11th Reg't.
Wilson, Robert, Surgeon
Winsmith, John, Served in Line
Winthrop, Joseph, Assistant Surgeon
Witsell, Charles, Assistant Surgeon
Witsell, Robert, 4th SC
Wofford, Benjamin, Captain - Reserves
Wofford, Joseph L., Served in Line
Wood, T. E., Assistant Surgeon - 22nd SCV
Woodruff, C. P., Served as Captain
Woodruff, J. G., no details
Woodward, P. S., no details
Workman, Thomas J., no details
Wragg, William T., no details
Wright, J. B. C., no details
Wylie, William H., Surgeon - 17th SCV
Wyman, Benjamin Franklin, Served in Line
Wyman, W. H., no details
Yates, Franklin, Black's SC Cavalry
Yates, James, Assistant Surgeon - 1st Reg't Artillery
Yates, Joseph, Surgeon - 1st Reg't. Cavalry
Youngblood, A. W., Assistant Surgeon

REF: A History of Medicine in South Carolina - 1825 - 1900. Waring, MD, Joseph Ioor. 1967 SC Medical Association

War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109, "Register of Appointments of Confederate Officers, 1861-1865", Chapter 1, Volume 86. (The National Archives).

  Confederate Dead in the Danville, VA Hospitals

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