South Carolina State Militia Fourth Brigade of Charleston

Of the State militia, the largest organized body was the Fourth brigade of Charleston, commanded by Brig.-Gen. James Simons. This body of troops was well organized, well drilled and armed, and was constantly under the orders of the governor and in active service from the 27th of December, 1860, to the last of April, 1861. Some of the commands continued in service until the Confederate regiments, battalions and batteries were organized and finally absorbed all the effective material of the brigade.

This efficient brigade was composed of the following commands:

First regiment of rifles:

     Col. J. J. Pettigrew
     Lieut.-Col. John L. Branch
     Maj. Ellison Capers
     Adj. Theodore G. Barker
     Quartermaster Allen Hanckel
     Commissary L. G. Young
     Surg. George Trescot
     Asst. Surg. Thomas L. Ozier, Jr.


          Washington Light Infantry
               Capt. C. H. Simonton
          Moultrie Guards
               Capt. Barnwell W. Palmer
          German Riflemen
               Capt. Jacob Small
          Palmetto Riflemen
               Capt. Alex. Melchers
          Meagher Guards
               Capt. Edward McCrady, Jr.
          Carolina Light Infantry
               Capt. Gillard Pinckney
          Zouave Cadets
               Capt. C. E. Chichester.

Seventeenth regiment:

     Col. John Cunningham
     Lieut.-Col. William P. Shingler
     Maj. J. J. Lucas
     Adjt. F. A. Mitchel


          Charleston Riflemen
               Capt. Joseph Johnson, Jr.
          Irish Volunteers
               Capt. Edward McGrath
          Cadet Riflemen
               Capt. W. S. Elliott
          Montgomery Guards
               Capt. James Conner
          Union Light Infantry
               Capt. David Ramsay
          German Fusiliers
               Capt. Samuel Lord, Jr.
          Palmetto Guards
               Capt. Thomas W. Middleton
          Sumter Guards
               Capt. Henry C. King
          Emmet Volunteers
               Capt. P. Grace
          Calhoun Guards
               Capt. John Fraser

First regiment of artillery:

     Col. E. H. Locke
     Lieut.-Col. W. G. De Saussure
     Maj. John A. Wagener
     Adjt. James Simmons, Jr.

     Light batteries:

          Marion Artillery
               Capt. J. G. King
          Washington Artillery
               Capt. George H. Walter
          Lafayette Artillery
               Capt. J. J. Pope
          German Artillery (A)
               Capt. C. Nohrden
          German Artillery (B)
               Capt. H. Harms.


     Charleston Light Dragoons
          Capt. B. H. Rutledge
     German Hussars
          Capt. Theodore Cordes
     Rutledge Mounted Riflemen
          Capt. C. K. Huger

Volunteer corps in the fire department:

     Vigilant Rifles
          Capt. S. V. Tupper
     Phoenix Rifles
          Capt. Peter C. Gaillard
     Aetna Rifles
          Capt. E. F. Sweegan
     Marion Rifles
          Capt. C. B. Sigwald

REF: Confederate Military History Vol. 5 - pg. 5