South Carolina 19th Cavalry Battalion

Historical Notes:
The 19th Battalion, South Carolina Cavalry (also called Kirk's Battalion) was formed on 20th of December 1864 by consolidating five independent cavalry companies (two were from Kirk's Squadron Partisan Rangers, Keitt's Company of Mounted Riflemen, Company B of Boykin's Squadron Mounted Rifles and Captain Sparks's Company. In February 1865, two more companies were added, Captains Fair and A.C. Earle's Companies. The 19th Battalion was involved in the North Carolina campaign. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee in April 1865. Officers:
William L. Trenholm
Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
The Carolinas Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 718 men.

  • Company A - (also known as Kirk's Company and possibly May River Troop) - Men possibly from Beaufort District (County) - Captain M.J. Kirk
  • Company B - (also known as Keitts Cavlary and Captain E.S. Keitts Mounted Riflemen) - many men from Richland District (County), Newberry District (County), Anderson District (County) and Marlboro District (County); a few men from Orangeburg District (County), Charleston District (County), Fairfield District (County), Edgefiled District (County), Abbeville District (County), Lexington District (County), and Spartanburg District (County)
  • Company C (possibly known as May River Troop, previously Company B of Kirk's Squadron) - many men from Beaufort District (County), Barnwell District (County), and Colleton District (County); a few men from Union District (County), and Charleston District (County)
  • Company D (also known as Captain J.J. Steele's Company, previously Company B of Boykin's Squadron)
  • Company E - (also known as the Ripley Rangers, previously Captain Spark's Company) - many men from Lexington District (County), Marion District (County), and Marlboro District (County); a few men from Sumter District (County), Chesterfield District (County), Darlington District (County), Andeson District (County), and Union District (County) - Assignment: Trapier's Brigade, January - February 1865.
  • Company F -
  • Captain A.C. Earle's Company - many men from Anderson District (County) and Pickens District (County); a few men from Greenville District (County)
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