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The Time Life Collectors Library

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This beautiful blue leather bound set of 30 volumes will be the perfect addition to your library. Each volume is an original first hand account. The books are magnificently bound in blue leather with gold edges and are in perfect condition.

Titles in this set:

    An English Combatant, Battlefields of the South
    Gordon, Gen. John B., Reminsicences of the Civil War
    Headley, Confederate Operations in Canada and New York
    Pittinger, Daring and Suffering
    Porter, Campaigning with Grant
    Putnam, Richmond During the War
    Stevens, Three Years in the Sixth Corps
    Townsend, Campaign of a Noncombatant
    Beatty, The Citizen Soldier
    Billings, Hard Tack and Coffee
    DeLeon, Four Years in Rebel Capitals
    Higginson, Army Life in a Black Regiment
    Hitchcock, War from the Inside
    Jones, John B. A Rebel Clerk’s War Diary Vol. II
    Kidd, Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman
    Wilkinson, The Narrative of a Blockade Runner
    Worsham, One of Jackson’s Foot Cavalry
    Cooper, In and Out of Rebel Prisons
    Fremantle, Three Months in the Southern States
    Jones, John B. A Rebel Clerk’s War Diary Vol. I
    McCarthy, Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life
    Moore, Cannoneer under Stonewall Jackson
    Stillwell, Story of a Common Soldier
    Taylor, Destruction and Reconstruction
    Watson, Life in the Confederate Army
    Williamson, Mosby’s Rangers
    Barber, Lucious, Army Memoirs
    Beers, Fannie, Memories
    Goss, Recollections of a Private
    McKim, A Soldiers’ Recollections
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Time Life Collector's Library - Set
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