Alabama 1st Infantry Battalion Cadets

There were many small and independent commands organized, principally for the defense of Mobile. Captain Chisholm's company of State Guards, the Swanson Guards, and the Eufaula Minute Men, under Captain Hardy, served in Florida in the summer of 1863. Butts', Casey's, Harris' and Morrison's battalions, the Pelham Cadets, and Tuscaloosa Cadets, served at Mobile and in various parts of Alabama in 1864 and 1865.
The official name for the Pelham Cadets was the Alabama 1st Battalion Cadets. Other Cadet units in Alabama were: Mobile Cadets (AL 3rd Infantry Regiment, Co. A)
Mobile Cadets (AL 21st Infantry Regiment, Co. K)
Mobile Cadet Rifles
Magnolia Cadets
Canebrake Cadets
Spring Hill Cadets
Montgomery Carroll Cadets
Watt?s Cadets
University Cadets


Price Williams, Jr. - Captain
H. E. Witherspoon - Lieutenant
Gen. Dabney H Maury

District of the Gulf, April 30, 1864
November 1st, under Lieut. H. E. Witherspoon, Taylor's command.
November 20, 1864, Lieut. H. E. Witherspoon, Taylor's command, Mobile.
Attached to Holtzclaw's Brigade after Spanish Fort, (April 8, 1865)


Battle of Mobile
Spanish Fort



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