Alabama 18th Infanry Regiment



    The 18th Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized at Auburn, 4 Sept 1861, with men recruited from Butler, Coffee, Coosa, Covington, Jefferson, Pike, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa counties, and the field officers were appointed by President Jefferson Davis. A few weeks later, it went to Mobile, by way of Huntsville, and was there brigaded under Gen'l Adley Hogan Gladden of Louisiana, with the 19th, 20th, 22nd, and 25th AL regiments, Jones Mitchell Withers' Division. Ordered to Corinth in March 1862, the regiment was there brigaded under Gen'l J. K. Jackson of Georgia, with the 17th and 19th AL regiments. The 18th fought the first day at Shiloh and was detailed to escort the brigade of USA Gen'l Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss, which it had largely aided to capture, to the rear, and it did not take part the second day. After the battle, the regiment being without field officers and was for a short time under officers detailed for the purpose. It was under fire at Blackland, and soon after was sent to Mobile under the command of Gen'ls James Edwin Slaughter and Alfred Cumming. There the 18th remained until April 1863, when it rejoined the Army of Tennessee, in a brigade with the 36th and 38th AL regiments, and the 9th AL Battalion (the latter being soon after raised to the 58th AL regiment, and consolidated subsequently with the 32nd AL), commanded successively by Gen'ls Henry DeLamar Clayton of Barbour, James Thadeus Holtzclaw of Montgomery, and Col. Bushrod Jones of Perry. At Chickamauga, the 18th lost 22 out of 36 officers, and 300 out of 500 men, killed and wounded. At Missionary Ridge, the 18th was engaged, and lost about 90 men, principally captured. Having wintered at Dalton, it began the Dalton-Atlanta campaign with 500 effective men, and fought all the way down to Jonesboro, losing constantly in killed and wounded, but with no severe loss at any one place. It lost very nearly half its number during the campaign, and rendered effective service. The regiment went with Gen'l John Bell Hood into Tennessee, and lost about 100 at Franklin, principally captured. When the army moved to the Carolinas in February 1865, the regiment was ordered to Mobile, and placed in the field works at Spanish Fort. It participated prominently in the siege of that place several weeks later, with some loss and escaped when the defenses were evacuated. It surrendered at Meridian, MS, 4 May 1865, with the military department. The army numbered 858 men in January 1861; it lost 20 k and 80 w at Shiloh, and 56% of the 527 engaged at Chickamauga. It had 209 casualties in Chattanooga and was reduced to 275 effectives in November 1864.


    Cols. Edward Courtney Bullock (died, 1861); James Thadeus Holtzclaw; Eli Sims Shorter (retired, 10 May 1862); and James Strawbridge (temporary); Lt. Cols. Peter Forney Hunley; Richard Freer Inge (died, 28 Sept 1863); and Majors William M. Moxley (retired, 21 Nov 1862 Sheppard Ruffin; Bryan Morel Thomas (temporary).


    Co. "A", Bullock Guards (Coffee County): William Morel Moxley (promoted); B. W. Starke (wounded, Shiloh; resigned, 19 July 1862); Joseph H. Justice (KIA, Chicamauga); Noah O. Hutchinson

    Co. "B", Covington Hunters (Covington County): James T. Brady (resigned, 24 Feb 1862); S. D. McLelen (resigned, 28 Aug 1862); Orville A. Stringer (from Co. "D"; KIA, Chicamauga); Thomas Hardwick

    Co. "C", Cahaba Valley Rangers (Jefferson County): James M. Oliver (discharged, 1 July 1863); James M. McLaughlin

    Co. "D", Coosa Farmers (Coosa County): Guy Smith (discharged, 25 Feb 1862); Charles M. Cox (resigned, 29 Dec 1862); J. Henry Hammond (KIA, Chicamauga); George M. Williams (wounded, Chicamauga; captured, Franklin)

    Co. "E", Confederate Stars (Tuscaloosa County): Richard F. Inge (promoted); S. C. Wilkerson (captured, Missionary Ridge)

    Co. "F" Tom Watts Rifles (Butler County): H. Clay Armstrong (resigned, 20 Sept 1862); Aug. C. Greene (wounded, Jonesboro)

    Co. "G", Yancey Guards [or Yancey Rangers] (Jefferson County): James Haughey (resigned, 27 May 1862) H. P. Walker

    Co. "H" A. B. Moore's Invincibles (Pike County): W. L. Hammer (promoted to Surgeon); Sheppard Ruffin (promoted); Sherman K. Fielder (KIA, Chicamauga); James B. Darby (wounded, New Hope Church); T. J. Sims (Lt. commanding)

    Co. "I", Curry Guards (Shelby County): Peter F. Hunley (wounded, Shiloh; promoted); John M. Mickle (KIA, Chicamauga); Martin

    Co. "K", Confederate Blues (Talladega County): John J. Calhoun (resigned); H. Clay Stone (wounded, Chicamauga; resigned, 27 April 1864); Thomas M. Riser


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