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Some 10,500 armed conflicts occurred during the Civil War ranging from battles to minor skirmishes; 384 conflicts (3.7 percent) have been identified as principal battles across all the Confederate states and many of the Union ones as well. In the west virtually every state had incidences with Indian uprisings.

The 384 principal battles occurred in 26 states. States with fifteen or more include: Virginia (123), Tennessee (38), Missouri (29), Georgia(28), Louisiana (23), North Carolina (20), Arkansas (17), and Mississippi(16).

After the war Frederick Dyer and William Fox compiled lists of the battles and statistical information. Their works along with the Official Records form the basis for much of the material we have available today for research.

Summaries of the principle battles may be found by clicking on the Battle Summaries option in the menu. An essentially complete list of all actions from Dyers Compendium is included with each state.

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