Georgia 56th Infantry Regiment


The 56th Infantry regiment was sometimes also referred to as the 55th. It was recruited in the late spring of 1862 and organized May 15, 1862. Crute reports that some of the men were from Chattahoochee and Dooly Counties.

In the spring of 1862 the regiment was sent to east Tennessee, where it served in Stevenson's division in the recapture of Cumberland Gap and the advance into Kentucky. In the fall of that year it was sent to Mississippi, sharing with other regiments of the division in the battles and privations of the campaign which ended with the surrender of Vicksburg. After being exchanged it participated in the battle of Missionary Ridge and the Atlanta and Tennessee campaigns of 1864. Here in the battles around Atlanta these me actually fought on their own farms against Sherman's hoards, only to see their farms decimated and their families scattered as Sherman's troops pillaged Marietta and Atlanta.

In the spring of 1865 part of the 56th was consolidated with the Thirty-fourth and Thirty-ninth under the name of the latter, and part with the Thirty-sixth and Forty-second as the Forty-second Georgia. It served in the campaign of the Carolinas, which closed with the surrender near Goldsboro.


E. P. Watkins
Lieut. Colonel:
J. T. Slaughter
M. L. Poole
James N. Bass


Stevenson's division in the recapture of Cumberland Gap.
Assigned to post at Chattanooga and served there in June and July of 1862.
From July to October of 1862, the 56th was assigned to Leadbetter's Brigade, Heth's Division, Army of Tennessee.
From October to December of 1862, the 56th was assigned to Taylor's Brigade, Stevenson's Division, Department of East Tennessee.
Cumming's Brigade at Champion Hill, Vicksburg, and The Atlanta Campaign.


Cumberland Gap, TN
Baker's Creek, Mississippi (Champion's Hill)
Siege of Vicksburg, MS
Missionary Ridge, GA
Resaca, GA
Tunnel Hill, GA
Kennesaw Mountain, GA
New Hope Church, GA
Jonesboro, GA
The Atlanta Campaign, GA
Nashville, TN
The Carolinas Campaign
Bentonville, NC


Company A - Campbell & Coweta Counties
Company B - Carroll County
Company C - Carroll County
Company D - Hall County
Company E - Fulton County
Company F - Cobb County
Company G - Milton County
Company H - Carroll County
Company I - Carroll County
Company K - Heard County



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