Georgia 59th Infantry Regiment


The Georgia 59th Infantry Regiment was formed in the spring of 1862 with men from Jackson, Whitfield, Crawford, Worth, and Turner counties. After serving for some time in Georgia and North Carolina, the unit moved to Virginia. Early in 1863 it was attached to General G.T. Anderson's Brigade where it remained for the balance of the war. The 59th fought at Gettysburg, moved with Longstreet to assist Bragg at Chickamauga, then served in the Kentucky Campaign. Returning to Virginia, it took part in the conflicts at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor, the Petersburg siege north of the James River, and the Appomattox operations. The unit lost more than twenty-five percent of the 525 engaged at Gettysburg and sustained 69 casualties from May 6 to April 14 and 85 from August 1 to December 31, 1864. Fifteen officers and 251 men were present at the surrender.


Colonel Jack Brown; Lieutenant Colonels Bolivar H. Gee, Charles J. Harris, and George R. Hunter; and Majors Mastin G. Bass and William H. Fickling.


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (7/1/63 - 7/3/63)
Chattanooga Siege, Tennessee (9/63 - 11/63)
Chickamauga, Georgia (9/19/63 - 9/20/63)
Knoxville, Siege, Tennessee (11/63 - 12/63)
Wilderness, Virginia (5/5/64 - 5/6/64)
North Anna, Virginia (5/23/64 - 5/26/64)
Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia (5/8/64 - 5/21/64)
Cold Harbor, Virginia (6/1/64 - 6/3/64)
Petersburg Siege, Virginia (6/1/64 - 4/1/65)
Reams' Station, Virginia (8/25/64)
Fort Harrison, Virginia (9/29/64 - 9/30/64)
Williamsburg Road, Virginia (10/27/64)
Appomattox Court House, Virginia (4/9/65)


Service Records for the men of this regiment may be found in The NEW Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia.

Field Staff and Band
Company A - Confederate Volunteers - Decatur County
Company B - Jackson Guards - Washington County
Company C - Arthur Greys - Taylor County
Company D - Bullard Guards - Washington County
Company E - Cotton Planter Guards - Clay County
Company F - Worth Infantry - Worth Guards
Company G - Sidney Johnsons - Marion County
Company H - Jack Browns - Marion County
Company I - Turner Guards - Hancock County
Company K - Lockett Volunteers
Company Unknown



Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies