Georgia 64th Infantry Regiment


The Georgia 64th Infantry Regiment was organized during the spring of 1863 and soon moved to Florida. Some of its members were recruited in Johnson and Warren counties. It fought at Olustee under General G.P. Harrison, then in May, 1864, was ordered to Virginia with about 400 officers and men. The unit proceeded to Petersburg and reported to General Wise for service as provost guards. Later it was assigned to General A.R. Wright's and Sorrell's Brigade and shared in the battles, skirmishes, and hardships of the Petersburg siege and the Appomattox operations. When the regiment surrendered on April 9, 1865, only 9 officers and 93 men were present.


Colonels James Barrow and Charles S. Jenkins, and Major George S. Thomas.



Rosters of this Regiment may be found in The New Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia Vol. 50.
Company C



Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies