Company K
C. S. A.


Roll of Company "K," Nineteenth Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, prepared by Captain J. B. Courtney, Trenton, July 2nd, 1882:

A. Jones, age 55, Captain

promoted from Captain to Major.

William Gregg, age 28, Captain; promoted; resigned.

W. H. Timmerman, age 32, Captain; promoted from First Lieutenant; resigned.

J. B. Courtney, age 34, Captain; wounded on railroad Georgia 1862; Nashville, Tenn., December 15th, 1864, promoted from Second Lieutenant.

C. W. Randall, age 32, Second Lieutenant; wounded on M. & O. R. R. April 24th, 1862.

A. L. Holley, age 32, Second Lieutenant; wounded at Murfreesboro December 31st, 1863; promoted from Sergeant.

John B. Timmerman, age 33, Sergeant; killed on M. & O. R. R. April 24th, 1862.

Mose Harris, age 39, Sergeant. E. Jones, age 38, Sergeant; died of disease.

G. W. Dooley, age 55, Sergeant.

Wilson Haney, age 40, Sergeant; killed on M. & O. R. R. April 24th, 1862.

Martin Younce, age --, Sergeant, wounded at Bentonville, N. C., March 19th, 1865.

J. C. Holley, age 23, Sergeant; wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 31st, 1863; by M. & O. R. R. April 24th, 1862; promoted from the ranks.

Wm. Glaze, age 23, Sergeant; died of wounds at Franklin, Tenn., November 30th, 1864; promoted from the ranks.

John R. Sneed, age 25, Sergeant; wounded at Atlanta, Ga., July 22nd, 1864; promoted from ranks.

Grice Ambers, age 40, Corporal.

William Turner, age 24, Corporal; killed at Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 31st, 1863.

J. S. Williams, age 32, Corporal.

J. H. Osburn, age 25, Corporal.

M. Hainey, age --, Corporal killed at Franklin, Tenn., November 30th, 1864.

Charles T. Styran, age 23, Corporal; killed at Atlanta, Ga., July 28th, 1864; promoted from ranks.


F. M. Arthur, age 28;

Wm. Augustine, age 21, wounded on railroad in Georgia;

C. T. Barton, age 22;

Robert Barton, age 68 discharged April 24th, 1862;

John Broglen, age 28, killed by M. & O. R. R.;

John Busbee, age 35;

Allen Busbee, age 24;

Martin Burton, age 16;

Stephen Cockran, age 25;

Joe Cockran, age 16;

Jabez Courtney, age 16;

Wm. Cameron, age --;

Henry Day, age 28;

Samuel Ergles, age 20;

Daniel Ergles, age 16;

B. Z. Fowler, age 21;

Thomas Faulkner, age 20;

Wm. Glaze, age 23;

Goings, William

John Gregory, age 35, discharged;

J. H. Gerkin, age 25, Germany, wounded by M. & O. R. R., first man wounded in regiment - in engagement at Corinth, Miss.;

G. W. Giles, age 25;

Sam. Green, age 28;

James Green, age 32;

Jackson Green, age 27;

Ulysses Guantt, age 25. Lexington, captured at Atlanta, Ga.

Jasper Howard, age 25

John Hatcher, age 16, transferred to Company "B"

James Hutto, age 23

Marion Hutto, age 16

S. Holesenbake, age 45, discharged; John Jackson, age 25, wounded by M. & O. R. R., discharged on account of it

F. Jackson, age 21

Richard Johnson, age 23

Middleton Koon, age 45

Louis Koon, age 36

James Long, age 30, Abbeville

M. Long, age 21, Abbeville

Wm. Martin, age 30

John Mobley, age 45, discharged; Luther Mills, age 21, died of disease

James Mills, age 44, died of disease

Joseph Nobles, age 36

Joseph New, age 35

George Overstreet, age 33, wounded by M. & O. R. R., Enterprise, Miss., April 24th, 1862

Henry Overstreet, age 28

Tillman Padget, age 29, wounded by M. & O. R. R., April 24th, 1862

M. Posey, age 45

Holden Posey, age 23

Wm. Parker, age 25

John Piper, age 32

Noah Plindell, age 25, died in hospital

Robert Patterson, age 22, Abbeville, wounded

Thomas Patterson, age 19, Abbeville, captured at Atlanta

R. P. Pinson, age 18, Abbeville

H. G. Randall, age 40, discharged

E. Randall, age 44

John Rowe, age 25

Miles Rhoden, age 17, died of disease, Charleston, S. C., March, 1862

Wm. Randall, age 30, killed at Snake Creek Gap, Ga.

Joseph Steel, age 23

James Steel, age 17

James Snipes, age 24; Sam. Simons, age 40, wounded by M. & O. R. R. and discharged

Wade Samuels, age 24

M. Samuels, age 20

Milledge Smith, age 18

Bennet Smith, age 44, discharged

Martin Turner, age 22

Darling Turner, age 16

John Turner, age 23

Dowles Timmerman, age 28

B. Turner, age 25; J. D. Turner, age 47

peter Trimmons, age 19

James Walker, age 28

Wm. Wever, age 40, wounded M. & O. R. R. April 24th, 1862

J. P. Wages, age --, wounded at Atlanta, lost a leg; Allen Yonce, age 25, wounded M. & O. R. R. April 24th, 1862.

Commissioned officers, 6; non-commissioned officers, 15; total, 21; privates, 79; total rank and file, 100. Killed in battle, 4; killed by railroad, 3; died of wounds, 1; died of disease, 4; total deaths, 12.

All were from Edgefield except a few, whose counties I have named. The losses in this company were very light - barely one-eighth from all causes.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 461