1st Artillery Regiment

Historical Notes:
This regiment was organized with 9 companies from the 1st Artillery Battalion on 25 MAR 1862. Company K was assigned on 12 APR 1862. Company A (Sumter Artillery) served as light artillery and the remainder of the regiment served as heavy artillery and infantry. Company A was armed with four 12-lb. Napoleons on 3 MAY 1864.

The 1st Artillery Regiment participated in the Bombardment of Ft. Sumter in April of 1861. It fought in the defense of Port Royal in November of 1861. Members manned some of the guns that repelled the Federal assault on Battery Lamar at Secessionville, June 1862. It helped defeat the Federal Ironclad attack against Ft. Sumter in 1863. A battery of light guns defended the Confederate right flank at Battery Wagner. When the Confederate garrison was withdrawn from Charleston in February of 1865, the unit left Charleston with 1000 men and fought Sherman in SC and NC as infantry before surrendering with the Army of Tennessee in May. The unit operated heavy seacoast batteries, mortars, and light field artillery.

This regiment was surrendered by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, Orange County, NC on 26 APR 1865.

Calhoun, William Ransom, Colonel. From Abbeville District. Died 15 SEP 1862 in a duel with Lt. Col. Alfred Rhett in Charleston, SC. It appears that Rhett then became Colonel of the regiment.

Ormsby Blanding, Major

Alfred Rhett, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel

Thomas M. Wagner, Lieutenant Colonel

Joseph A. Yates, Captain Co. A, later Major, Lieutenant Colonel

Artillery, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, (March - May 1862)
2nd Military District of South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida (May - June 1862).
Secessionville (15 - 16 JUN 1862)
2nd Manassas VA (28 - 30 AUG 1862)
2nd Winchester (14 - 15 JUN 1863)
Charleston Harbor (AUG - SEP 1863)
2nd Fort Harrison VA (30 SEP 1864)
2nd Fort Fisher (13 - 15 JAN 1865)
Carolinas Campaign SC (FEB - APR 1865)
The roster of this unit contains the names of 3437 men.

Company A – Sumter Artillery
Company B
Company C
Company D - Pee Dee Light Artillery - Darlington County
Company E
Company F was organized in OCT 1861,
Company G was organized in NOV 1861
Company H was organized in FEB 1862.
Company I was organized in FEB 1862.
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