3rd Cavalry Regiment



    In Rivers account of "The Raising of the Troops for Confederate Service" he states that in August of 1862, the 3rd Cavalry Battalion was made up of 320 men and that "ten companies of the preceeding list" were then combined under Col. Colcock to form the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. He does not identify what ten companies were combined, but we can assume the regiment was full force of a thousand men or more.

    Crute states that the men of this unit were from Marion, Colleton, Beaufort, Barnwell, and Calhoun counties and included men of the 8th Cavalry Regiment.

    The unit was assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and confronted the Federals in various conflicts in South Carolina. Much of the time it did not serve as one command but in detachments of one, two, five, or six companies. One detachment was involved in the defense of Savannah, then the regiment saw action in the campaign of the Carolinas. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.


    Colonel Charles J. Colcock, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Johnson, and Major John Jenkins.


    Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.


    Coosawhatchie SC (22-23 OCT 1862)
    Expedition from Fort Pulaski, Ga to Bluffton, SC (4 JUN 1863)
    John's Island SC (28 DEC 1863)
    South Newport (17 AUG 1864)
    Savannah Campaign GA (NOV - DEC 1864)
    Honey Hill SC (30 NOV 1864)
    Carolinas Campaign SC (FEB - APR 1865)