Heitman's Historical Dictionary
of U.S. Army Officers


This is a complete list of commissioned officers of the U.S. from the organization of the Army, September 29, 1789, to the year of the list's original publication in 1903, giving the officers' full names and showing their services as cadets and all services as officers or enlisted men, either in the regular or volunteer service. The heart of the work, Part II, an alphabetical listing of the officers, runs to some 20,000 entries. Each entry contains a brief paragraph on the officer giving his state or country where born, state from which originally appointed, date of induction, rank, date of discharge, promotions, medals, battles participated in, and, in about a fifth of the entries, date of death after leaving the Army. This monumental book is actually a lot more than a listing of the officer corps, as crucial as that is. Rather, it is a handbook on the men, events, and terminology of American military life during the years of its coverage.

Heitman's Historical Register is the most extensive coverage of Civil War Officers as well as every regular officer who served during the period of 1783 to 1903. It contains almost 20,000 brief biographies and service records of now obscure figures and synopsis info on the regular army units with a listing of Field Grade Officers and their service. Army organizations, strength, battles, actions, C.S. general officers and contract surgeons.

From a reviewer:
A reader from Newport, RI

    Heitman's register is a must for any serious (by this I mean one who's interests extend beyond battles and weapons) student of the U.S. Army before 1900. The register has information on every regular army and all generals including promotions, assignments, awards, organization tables, lists of key officers etc.

Heitman's Historical Dictionary of U.S. Army Officers

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