Confederate Regulars Units Formed

1st Regiment, Confederate Cavalry
1st Battalion, Trans-Mississippi Confederate Cavalry - 585 names
1st Regular Battery, Confederate Light Artillery (Semmes') (Barnes') - 276 names
1st Battalion, Confederate Infantry (Forney's) - 906 names
1st Regiment, Confederate Infantry - 2759 names
1st Squadron, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, CSA (Holt's) - 93 names
1st Regiment, Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles, CSA - 2470 names
1st Regiment, Seminole Mounted Volunteers, CSA - 844 names
1st Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers, CSA - 2244 names
1st Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, CSA - 1536 names
1st Regiment, Chickasaw Infantry, CSA (Hunter's Indian Volunteers) - 845 names
1st Regiment, Confederate Regular Cavalry - 131 names
1st Battalion, Chickasaw Cavalry, CSA - 2 names
1st Battalion, Choctaw Cavalry, CSA (McCurtain's) - 9 names
1st Mississippi and Tennessee Battalion, CSA - 1 name
1st Osage Battalion, CSA - 14 names
1st Battalion, Confederate Engineer Troops
1st Regiment, Confederate Engineer Troops - 1253 names
1st Regiment, Choctaw Mounted Rifles, CSA - 820 names
1st Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, CSA
2nd Regiment, Confederate Infantry - 382 names
2nd Regiment, Choctaw Cavalry, CSA - 11 names
2nd Regiment, Confederate Cavalry - 7 names
2nd Regiment, Confederate Engineers - 987 names
2nd Regiment, Creek Infantry Regiment, CSA - 130 names
2nd Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, CSA - 1024 names
3rd Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Howard's) - 2301 names
3rd Regiment, Choctaw Cavalry, CSA - 3 names
3rd Regiment, Confederate Engineers - 1295 names
3rd Regiment, Confederate Infantry - 746 names
4th Regiment, Confederate Infantry - 1635 names
4th Battalion, Artillery, Trans Mississippi Department, CSA - 2 names
4th Regiment, Confederate Engineer Troops - 525 names
5th Regiment, Confederate Infantry (Smith's) Formed from the Tennessee 2nd Infantry Regiment (Smith's) and the Tennessee 21st Infantry Regiment. There are no rosters on file for this unit.
5th Regiment, Engineers, CSA - 2 names
6th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry - 308 names
7th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Claiborne's Partisan Rangers)
See North Carolina Lawrence's Company 7th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry (Prentice's) - 86 names
8th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Dearing's) - 472 names
8th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Wade's) - 2023 names
8th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry - 6 names
Served under General Wheeler in Robert Houstoun Anderson's Brigade. Fought at The Battle of Aiken.

8th Battalion, Confederate Infantry (2nd Foreign Battalion) (2nd Foreign Legion)
9th Regiment, Confederate Infantry - 1188 names
10th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry - 1768 names
14th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry - 1221 names
15th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry - 2214 names
20th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Lay's)
Adjutant General Department, CSA - 27 names
Ambulance Corps, CSA - 1 name
Armory, Macon, Georgia, CSA - 1 name
Armstrong's Battalion, CSA - 1 name
Arsenal Battalion, CSA - 1 name
Bands, CSA - 114 names
Baxter's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry - 334 names
Bell's, CSA - 15 names
Blake's Scouts, CSA - 39 names
Bradford's Corps, Scouts and Guards, CSA (Bradford's Battalion) - 353 names
Braxton's Battalion, Confederate Artillery - 24 names
Breckenridge Division, CSA - 1 name
Brooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular Infantry - 788 names
Brush Battalion, CSA - 495 names
Burroughs' Battalion, Partisan Rangers, CSA - 75 names
California Battalion, CSA Cavalry - 2 names
Cherokee Regiment, CSA (Special Service) - 74 names
Cherokee Regiment, Volunteer Cavalry, CSA - 1 name
Choctaw Infantry, CSA - 31 names
Clarkson's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry (Independent Rangers) - 903 names
Click's Company, Ordnance Scouts and Guards, CSA - 47 names
Commissary Department, CSA - 49 names
Conscripts, CSA - 2 names
Cooper's Battalion, 1st Indian Brigade, CSA (Miscellaneous) - 3 names
Courtney's Battalion, Confederate Artillery - 3 names
Cunningham's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Cunningham's Ordnance Detachment, CSA (Cuyler's)
Cutshaw's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Davis' Company, Confederate Light Artillery
Davis' Company of Guides, CSA
DeGournay's Battalion, Heavy Artillery, CSA
Deneale's Regiment, Choctaw Warriors, CSA
Dent's Battery, Light Artillery, CSA
Exchanged Battalion, CSA
Forrest's Scouts, CSA
Fort's Scouts, CSA
Fosters Regiment, Confederate Cavalry, CSA
General and Staff Officers, NonRegimental Enlisted Men, CSA
Gillum's Regiment, Confederate Mounted Infantry (Mounted Riflemen)
Haskell's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Haskell's Company, Infantry, CSA
Hospital Department, CSA
Huger's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Infantry School of Practice, CSA
Inspector General Department, CSA
Invalid Corps, CSA
Jackson's Company, CSA
Kemper's Battalion, Reserve Artillery, CSA
Lewis' Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Lightfoot's Battalion, Artillery, CSA
Lillard's Company, Independent Scouts and Rangers, CSA
Lyon's Escort, Forrest's Cavalry, CSA
Lyons' Scouts, CSA
Madison's Company, Mounted Spies and Guides, CSA (Phillips')
Marine Corps, CSA (Miscellaneous)
Marshall's Company, Confederate Artillery (Brown Horse Artillery)
Martin's Battalion, Confederate Reserve Artillery
Martin's Escort, CSA
McDaniel's Company, Secret Service, CSA
McIntosh's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
McLaughlin's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Mead's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Mead's Partisan Rangers)
Medical Department, CSA
Mexican Volunteers, CSA
CSA Miscellaneous
Montague's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery (4th Battalion)
Morgan's, CSA
Consolidated Regiment, Missouri and Texas Cavalry, CSA
Murchison's Battalion, Cavalry, CSA
Nelson's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
Nitre and Mining Bureau, War Department, CSA
Ochiltree's Detachment of Recruits, CSA
Ordnance Department, CSA
Page's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Carter's) (Braxton's)
Palmer's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Robertson's)
Pioneer Battalion, CSA
Poague's Battalion, Artillery, CSA
Polk's Artillery, CSA
Powers' Regiment, Confederate Cavalry
President's Guard, CSA
Provost Guard, CSA
Quartermaster Department, CSA
Raum's Company, Confederate Cavalry (Warren Dragoons)
Richardson's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery
Sappers and Miners, CSA

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