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Confederate Veterans buried in Lakeland, FL

Are you a descendant or know a descendant of the following Veterans? I would like to notify the descendants of our upcoming memorial ceremony for the Veterans.

May 4, 1904 - May 4, 2004 -- UDC 100 Years of Preserving Heritage and History All are invited to this "Grand Event." Saturday, May 1, 2004, @ 10:00 a.m. celebrating Confederate Memorial Day & United Daughters of the Confederacy, Annie H. Darracott Chapter's 100th Anniversary at Lakeview & Roselawn Cemeteries. To honor 16 Confederate Veterans Marker Dedication, Roll call of 50 CSA Veterans, Gun Salute, Color Guard, Real Daughter marker placed for Founder Annie H. Darracott's grave, and Picnic to follow at a local park.

Please e-mail me at if you have any information on these men.

    James D. Allen
    Marfield Ayers
    Pvt. Charles F. Baines
    Pvt. J. J. Baldrick
    Pvt. L. M. Ballard
    Pvt. Willis Baxley
    George W. Bean
    Pvt. John Henry Beasley
    William M. Boswell
    Lt. Napoleon B. Bowyer
    Pvt. Francis L. Brooks
    C. F. Brown
    Pvt. Peter Brown
    ? Browning
    Pvt. James L. Bryant
    2nd Lt. John M. Bryant
    Pvt. Joseph Bryant
    Pvt. Joseph Wesley Bryant
    Pvt. Lorenzo Bryant
    Pvt. Rizan V. Bryant
    Pvt. Thomas Jasper Bryant
    Wag. John Butler
    Pvt. Richard T. Caddin
    Pvt. Alfred A. Carlton
    Pvt. Joel E. Carter
    Pvt. James Appleton Chapman, M.D.
    James Chestnut
    William H. Clifford
    Oscar W. Collier
    Pvt. William Collins
    Pvt. Hampton Combee
    John W. Costine
    Capt. A. A. Cox
    Capt. James Abner Cox
    Pvt. Robert Otho Cresap
    M. L. Croucher
    John Davis
    Pvt. J. L. DeRieux
    William A. DeWitt
    John Douglas
    Pvt. William Douglas
    Cpl. Franklin Tyler Dunklin
    John W. Ellis
    J. W. Ferrand
    Pvt. James J. Fields
    Pvt. William L. Finger
    Pvt. William P. Flanigan
    Pvt. Oliver P. Foster
    Pvt. George Washington Gaffney
    Henry Sidney Galloway
    Pvt. John E Gavin
    Pvt. Jefferson Waller Goolsby
    Pvt. James F. Gracy, Rev.
    Pvt. George W. Griffin
    Pvt. Stephen T. Hancock
    Pvt. William H. Hancock
    Sgt. Urban H. Hane
    Pvt. John Harris
    2nd Lt. James Andrew Hart
    Pvt. John T. Hart
    Herbert J. Hayes
    Pvt. Whitfield B. Hendrix
    Pvt. Wylie Hicks
    Pvt. S. T. Hollingsworth
    Pvt. John T. Holloway
    Thomas Jefferson Hooks
    Cpl. Stephen Hull, Jr.
    Theodocius A. Hutchinson
    Pvt. Robert A. Ivey
    1st Lt. William Wyatt Jackson
    F. E. Johnson, Sr.
    Lt. James Hampton Johnson
    Rev. Dr. David Jones, MD
    Pvt. William Judy
    John J. Keen
    Pvt. Jordan A. Kilgore
    Pvt. William Knowles
    Pvt. James S. Lanier
    Pvt. John W. Lanier
    Lt. James Josiah Lewis
    Pvt. Alfred Washington Lunn
    W. R. Mallon
    Daniel M. Marshall
    Pvt. John James D. Martin, Rev.
    James Garlington McCaskey
    J. L. McClelland Sr.
    John Lane McClelland, Jr.
    Pvt. William Andrew McClelland
    Peleg Rowe McCrary, Rev.
    Pvt. Hillard McInnis
    Neal Turner McLeod
    Pvt. David J. McMullen
    Pvt. Enoch E. Mizell
    Robert Miles
    Pvt. David H. Moody
    Pvt. Daniel T. Moore
    Pvt. David A. Moore
    James Bennett Odom
    Pvt. Robert Parrish
    Pvt. Alexander Lee Patton
    Pvt. Joseph Milton Perry , M.D
    . Sgt. Nathan Pipkin
    Pvt. John Pollock
    Pvt. Henry A. Prine
    Pvt. Frank B. Randall
    Pvt. John Pope Reynolds
    William Frank Reynolds
    1st Sgt. William Henry Reynolds
    Pvt. George Anderson Rhodes (Rhoades)
    Pvt. Joseph DeKalb Richardson
    Pvt. David Allen Rimes
    James M. Robinson, Sr.
    Pvt. Wiley Robson
    Pvt. James Lycurgus Roquemore
    Benjamin N. Sanders
    Pvt. Roan Sapp
    1st Lt. Asbury A. Scott
    2nd Lt. Zachariah G. Seward
    Pvt. Frank R. Sheppard
    2nd Cpl. Claytus Sherouse
    David C. Skaggs
    Pvt. Orvil Sloan
    Sgt. Robert "Rab" Rufus Smith
    Pvt. Samuel B. Smith
    Williford Smith
    Pvt. James H. Spence
    James T. Spencer Jr.
    Pvt. Edward C. Sphaler
    Wade Hampton Stalls (
    William on tombstone) Pvt. William Henry
    Steinmyer, Rev
    Escort Alonzo B. Stroud
    Pvt. Robert Henry Sylvester
    Captain A. C. Thompson
    Pvt. James P. Thompson
    2nd Lt. Joseph C. Tilson
    John E. Torrence
    Pvt. Z. B. Trammell
    Captain Epps Tucker
    Pvt. Marcellus Turnley
    Pvt. Benjamin Tyer
    Corp. G. W. Wadkins
    Pvt. Isham Walker. Sr.
    Ord. Sgt. George Pope Webb
    Cpl. John Whidden
    2nd Sgt. William Ruffin White
    1st Lt. John McKay Whitted
    4th Sgt. Edward G. Wilder
    Pvt William W. Wilder
    John Woodson Williams, Sr.
    Pvt. James B. Withrow
    Pvt. Jesse C. Wood
    Btry Comdr. John J. Wood


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