A Guide to Civil War Research.

These lessons are designed to aid and guide your research of people, places, and events regarding the Civil War.

In a concise, well-organized format, we show you how to identify and organize the research materials. We also explain where to look for historical documents concerning Civil War soldiers, their regiments, and the actions of their regiments. We explain how to use the National Archives, (for Union regiments), State Archives (for Confederate regiments), historical and genealogical societies, Civil War shows, books, auctions, and web sites.

In addition to providing sound research methodology, this guide provides an array of helpful research materials. The appendices also contain contact information for museums, libraries, and archives.

These lessons are an effective time-saver and a valuable resource for people interested in investigating their ancestor's Civil War experiences. It is a must-have for amateur historians and a useful tool for those already conducting research.

Many beginning and some experienced researchers try to do their research in a vacuum, without considering that all of our ancestors were involved in different social, cultural, religious, and political events. Many participated in wars, had extended families, and worked either on a farm or at other business activities. A proper study of these ancillary events that made up their lives is not only rewarding, but is the key to turning up the golden nuggets or clues for proceeding with your research. To accomplish genealogy research within the broader context of historical sociology or social history, approach your research topic considering the relevancy and interaction of each of the following elements with your subject: political, cultural, economic, linguistic, legal, geographical, and chronological.

Basically research can be broken down into 3 areas:
  • People
  • Places
  • Events

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    This set of OnLine lessons is excerpted from our "Guide to Civil War Research" books. We have specific volumes for some states and a general volume which will help you research other states.

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