Military Units formed in Louisiana

Confederate ~ Union

CONFEDERATE UNITS: 1st Artillery Regiment - 3303 men
1st Battalion, Louisiana - 29 men
1st Battalion, Louisiana Light Artillery - 17 men
1st Battalion, Louisiana Cavalry (State Guards) - 37 men
1st Battalion Trans Mississippi Cavalry
1st Battalion, Louisiana Sharpshooters - 3 MEN
1st Battalion, Louisiana Reserves - 1 man
1st Louisiana Reserve Corps
1st Cavalry Regiment - 2211 men
1st Division, Louisiana State Troops - 5 MEN
1st Infantry Regiment(Nelligan's - 1978 men
1st Infantry Regulars(Strawbridge's) - 2024 men
1st Infantry Battalion (Coppens)
1st Infantry Battalion (Dreux)
1st Infantry Battalion (State Guards) - 79 men
1st Infantry Battalion (Wheat) - 721 men
1st Louisiana Native Guard, - 914 men
1st Regiment, Chasseurs a pied, Louisiana Militia - 423 men
1st Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia - 386 men
1st Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
1st Regiment, 4th Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia - 2 MEN
1st Regiment, French Brigade, Louisiana Militia
1st Regiment, European Brigade, Louisiana Militia - 3 men
1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
1st Special Battalion, Louisiana Infantry (Rightor's) - 996 men
2nd Brig. 1st Divsion Louisiana Militia
2nd Cavalry Regiment
2nd Infantry Regiment
2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
2nd Regiment, French Brig, La. Militia
2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
2nd Artillery Battalion
2nd Louisiana State Guards Cavalry Battalion
2nd Louisiana Native Guard,
3rd Battalion Heavy Artillery
3rd Cavalry Regiment - Harrison's
3rd Cavalry Regiment - Pargould's
3rd Cavalry Regiment - Wingfield's
3rd Infantry Battalion
3rd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia - 156 men
3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
3rd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
3rd Regiment, European Brigade, (Garde Francaise)
3rd Regiment, French Brigade, Louisiana Militia
3rd Infantry Regiment
4th Cavalry Regiment
4th European Brigade, Louisiana Militia
4th Heavy Artillery
4th Infantry Battalion
4th Infantry Regiment - 2391 men
4th Regiment 1st Brig. 1st Div. La. Militia
4th Regiment 2nd Brig. 1st Div. La. Militia
4th Regiment 3rd Brig. 1st Div. La. Militia
4th Regiment European Brigade La. Militia
4th Regiment French Brigade La. Militia
5th Cavalry Regiment
5th Infantry Battalion
5th Infantry Regiment
5th Regiment European Brigade Spanish Regiment
6th Infantry Battalion
6th Infantry Regiment
6th Cavalry Regiment
6th Regiment European Brigade Italian Guards
7th Cavalry Regiment
7th Infantry Regiment
7th Infantry Battalion
8th Cavalry Regiment
8th Heavy Artillery Battalion
8th Infantry Battalion
8th Infantry Regiment
9th Cavalry Battalion
9th Cavalry Regiment
9th Infantry Battalion
9th Infantry Regiment
10th Infantry Battalion
10th Infantry Regiment
11th Infantry Battalion
11th Infantry Regiment
12th Artillery Battalion
12th Infantry Battalion
12th Infantry Regiment
Louisiana 12th Cavalry Regiment (34th Infantry Regiment)
13th Cavalry Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers
13th Infantry Regiment
14th Infantry Battalion
14th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters
14th Infantry Regiment
15th Infantry Battalion
15th Infantry Regiment
16th Infantry Battalion
16th Infantry Regiment
17th Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry Regiment Consolidated
18th Cavalry Battalion
19th Infantry Regiment
20th Infantry Regiment
21st Infantry Regiment - Patton's
21st Infantry Regiment - Kennedy's
22nd Cavalry Regiment
22nd Artillery Regiment
22nd Infantry Regiment
22nd Infantry Regiment Consolidated
23rd Infantry Regiment
24th Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Regiment
26th Infantry Regiment
27th Infantry Regiment
28th Cavalry Regiment
28th Infantry Regiment(Gray's)
28th Infantry Regiment(Pool's
28th Infantry Regiment(Thomas')
29th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Battalion
30th Infantry Regiment
31st Infantry Battalion
31st Infantry Regiment
33rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Regiment
39th Infantry Regiment
43rd Infantry Regiment
54th Infantry Regiment
Assistant Enrolling Officer, Louisiana - 1 name
Algier's Battalion, Louisiana Militia - 14 names
Arsenal Department, Louisiana - 2 names
Assistant Superintendent of Army Records, Louisiana - 1 name
Assumption Regiment, Louisiana Militia - 35 names
Barlow's Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery - 5 names
Barr's Independent Company, Louisiana Militia (Blakesley Guards) - 14 names
Barrow's Company, Louisiana Scouts Cavalry - 9 names
Baxter's Regiment, Louisiana Infantry - 2 names
Beauregard Battalion, Louisiana Militia - 216 names
Beauregard Battalion Battery, Louisiana Artillery - 9 names
Beauregard Regiment, Louisiana Militia - 47 names
Benjamin's Company, Louisiana Cavalry - 145 names
Bickham's Company, Louisiana (Caddo Militia) - 92 names
Bond's Company, Louisiana Mounted Partisan Rangers - 72 names
Bonnabel Guards, Louisiana Militia - 33 names
Borge's Company, Louisiana Militia (Garnet Rangers)
Bosworth's Brigade, Louisiana Volunteers
Bragg's Battalion, Louisiana Militia
Brenan's Company, Louisiana Militia (Company A, Shamrock Guards)
Bridge's Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery
Battalion British Fusiliers, Louisiana Militia
British Guard Battalion, Louisiana Militia
Brown's Company, Louisiana Scouts
Confederate States Zouave Battalion, Louisiana
Crescent Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
Cagnolatti's Company, Louisiana Cavalry Militia (Chasseurs of Jefferson)
Catahoula Infantry Battalion
Cazadores Espanoles Regiment, Louisiana Militia
C.G.R. Battalion, Louisiana Infantry
Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Claiborne Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Cole's Company, Louisiana Cavalry (Louisiana Mounted Rangers)
Collins' Scouts, Louisiana
Confederate States Zouave Battalion, Louisiana
Confederate Guards Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Continental Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Continental Cadets, Louisiana Militia
Crescent Cadets, Louisiana Militia
Consolidated Crescent Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
Delery's Company, Louisiana Militia (St. Bernard Horse Rifles Company)
Doyle's Home Guards, Louisiana Cavalry
Dreux's Company A, Louisiana Cavalry
Dubecq's Company, Louisiana Cavalry
Edwards' Battalion, Louisiana Cavalry

Engineer Corps
European Brigade LA Militia - 211 men
Fenner's Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery
Fire Battalion, Louisiana Militia
French Company of St. James, Louisiana Militia
Battalion French Volunteers, Louisiana Militia
Fuller's Battalion, Louisiana
Fuller's Regiment, Louisiana Artillery
Gibbs' Company, Louisiana Infantry
Gillum's Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry
Gober's Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry
Green's Company, Louisiana Artillery (Louisiana Guard Battery)
Greenleaf's Company, Louisiana Cavalry (Orleans Light Horse)
Grove's Battery, Louisiana Artillery
Guyol's Company, Louisiana Artillery (Orleans Artillery)
Harrison's Regiment, Louisiana
Harrison's Battery, Louisiana
Herrick's Company, Louisiana (Orleans Blues)
Holmes' Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery
Hugh's Battalion, Louisiana Cavalry
Hutton's Company, Louisiana Artillery (Crescent Artillery Company A)
Hynes' Reserve Corps
Independent Rangers of Iberville (Cavalry Squadron, Louisiana Militia) - 75 men
Invalid Corps, Louisiana
Irish Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Jackson Rifle Battalion, Louisiana Militia
Jeff Davis Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
Kean's Battery, Louisiana Artillery (Orleans Independent Artillery)
Keary's Infantry Battalion
King's Special Battalion, Louisiana Militia
King's Battery, Louisiana Artillery
Knap's Company, Louisiana Militia (Fausse River Guards)
Lafayette Artillery, Louisiana Militia
LaFourche Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Landry's Company, Louisiana Artillery (Donaldsonville Artillery)

Lartigue's Company, Louisiana Militia (Bienville Guards)
Leeds' Guards Regiment, Louisiana Militia
LeGardeur's Company, Louisiana Light Artillery (Orleans Guard Battery)
Lewis Guards, Louisiana Militia
Lewis' Regiment, Louisiana
Camp Lewis, Louisiana
Lott's Company, Louisiana Cavalry (Carroll Dragoons) and Government Employees Regiment
Louisiana Defenders
Louisiana Donaldsonville Artillery
Louisiana Washington Artillery
Squadron Guides d'Orleans, Louisiana Militia - 99 men
Lovell's Scouts, Louisiana
Maddox's Regiment, Louisiana Reserve Corps
McArthur's Company, Louisiana (Sabine Rifles)
McCorey's Heavy Artillery, Louisiana
McLean's Company, Louisiana Infantry (Ben McCulloch Rangers)
McNeill's Cavalry, Louisiana
McPherson's Battery, Louisiana Militia (Orleans Howitzers)
Mechanics Guard, Louisiana Militia
Miles' Legion, Louisiana Volunteers
Miller's Independent Company, Louisiana Mounted Rifles
Millandon's Company, Louisiana (Jefferson Mounted Guards Company B)
Mitchell's Continental Regiment Militia
Montgomery's Company, Louisiana Cavalry
Moody's Company, Louisiana Artillery (Madison Light Artillery)
Mooney's Company, Louisiana Militia (Saddlers Guards)
Moreau Guards, Louisiana Militia
Noble's Company, Louisiana Militia (Planche Guards)
Norwood's Company, Louisiana Cavalry Militia (Jeff Davis Rangers)
Nutt's Company, Louisiana Cavalry (Red River Rangers)
Ogden's Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry
O'Hara's Company, Louisiana (Pelican Guards Company B)

Ordnance Detachment
Orleans Fire Regiment, Louisiana Militia
105 - Orleans Guards Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Otero's Company, Louisiana Militia (Titterton's Guards)
Pelham's Regiment, Louisiana
Pelican Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
Picket Lines, Department of West Louisiana
Mounted Rangers of Plaquemines, Louisiana Militia
103 - Pointe Coupee Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Pointe Coupee Artillery, Louisiana
Provisional Regiment, Louisiana Legion
Purdy's Battery, Louisiana

Red River Sharpshooters, Louisiana

Reserve Corps
Sabine Reserves, Louisiana
Independent Company, Louisiana Scouts
Subdistrict of West Louisiana
Shelby's Battalion, Louisiana
Siege Train Battalion, Louisiana Artillery
Southern Protective Guards, Louisiana
Stanley Guards, Company B, Louisiana Militia
St. Charles Light Artillery, Louisiana Militia
St. James Regiment, Louisiana Militia
St. John the Baptist Reserve Guards, Louisiana Militia Louisiana St. Marys Regiment, Louisiana
St. Martins Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Surgi's Company, Louisiana Militia (Sappers and Miners)
Terrebonne Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Thomas' Brigade, Louisiana Infantry
Unassigned Louisiana
Vermillion Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Vinson's Company, Louisiana Scouts
Washington Battalion, Louisiana Artillery
Watkins' Battalion, Louisiana Reserve Corps
Watson Battery, Louisiana Artillery
Weatherly's Battalion, Louisiana Infantry
Webb's Company, Louisiana Cavalry
White's Company, Louisiana Cavalry
White's Battery, Louisiana Artillery

More than 200 units were formed in Louisiana including 13 Union Units. Generally the Louisiana records are very spotty with most of the units having very little available for research.

The exact number of military units which were formed in Louisiana is unknown. Some units changed names and / or were consolidated or reorganized during the war and a few were disbanded without seeing service.

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