Virginia County Cross Reference

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Co. D, 39th VA Inf., Capt. James S. Kellam's Co.
Co. E, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Spencer D. Fletcher's Co.
Co. F, 39th VA Inf., Capt. John J. H. Wise's Co.
Co. H, 39th VA Inf., Capt. George S. West's Co.
Co. I, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Nathaniel J. W. LeCato's Co.
Co. L, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Edward B. Waple's Co.
Co. F4, 46th VA Inf., Eastern Shore Refugees.


Albemarle Artillery (Sturdivant's)
Albemarle-Everett Artillery (Southall's/Wyatt's/Johnston's).
Charlottesville Artillery (Carrington's)
Charlottesville Horse Artillery (Jackson's)
Co. K, 2nd VA Cav., Albemarle Light Horse
Co. F, 10th VA Cav., Albemarle Rangers
Co. B, 15th VA Cav., Capt. Albert W. Gantt's Co.
Co. I, 7th VA Inf., Holcombe Guards
Co. A, 19th VA Inf., Monticello Guard
Co. B, 19th VA Inf., Albemarle Rifles
Co. C, 19th VA Inf., Scottsville Rifles
Co. D, 19th VA Inf., Howardsville Grays
Co. E, 19th VA Inf., Piedmont Guards
Co. F, 19th VA Inf., Montgomery Guard
Co. K, 19th VA Inf., Blue Ridge Rifles
Co. D2, 46th VA Inf., Border Guards
Co. E2, 46th VA Inf., Scottsville Greys
Co. G1, 46th VA Inf., Albemarle Jackson Avengers
Co. I2, 46th VA Inf., Green Mountain Greys.
Co. H, 56th VA Inf., White Hall Guards
Co. H, 57th VA Inf., Rivanna Guards
Capt. Willaim B. Mallory's Co., LDT.


Co. E, 18th Battn. VA Heavy Art., Alexandria Artillery.
Co. C3, 19th Battn. VA Heavy Art., Irish Volunteers
Co. A, 17th VA Inf., Alexandria Riflemen
Co. E, 17th VA Inf., Mount Vernon Guards
Co. G, 17th VA Inf., Emmett Guards
Co. H, 17th VA Inf., Old Dominion Rifles
Co. I, 17th VA Inf., O'Connell Guards


Co. D, Wise Legion Arty. Mountain Artillery, (Roemer's/Turner's)
Co. E, 1st Battn. VA Inf., Capt. James Y. Jones' Co.
Co. F, 22nd VA Inf., Rocky Point Grays.
Co. A, 27th VA Inf., Alleghany Roughs, Later Alleghany Rough's (Carpenter's) Artillery
Co. B, 27th VA Inf., Virginia Hiberians
Co. C, 27th VA Inf., Alleghany Rifles
Co. F, 60th VA Inf., Alleghany Rifles
Co. K, 60th VA Inf., Osceola Guards
Co. C, 10th Battn. VA Res., Alleghany Res.


Co. G, 1st VA Cav., Amelia Light Dragoons
Co. A, 14th VA Inf., Painesville Rifles
Co. I, 22nd Battn. VA Inf.
Co. B, 23rd VA Inf., Jetersville Grays
Co. C, 23rd VA Inf., Amelia Rifles
Co. H, 44th VA Inf., Amelia Minute Men
Co. H, 1st VA Res., Amelia Res.


Co. D, 20th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Capt. Robert K. Hargrove's Co.
Co. D, 19th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Capt. Joel Henry Campbell's Co. Heavy Art.
Amherst Artillery (Kirkpatrick's)
Amherst-Nelson Artillery (Latham's/Lamkin's)
Co. E, 2nd VA Cav., Amherst Mounted Rangers
Co. H, 19th VA Inf., Southern Rights Guard
Co. I, 19th VA Inf., Amherst Rifle Grays.
Co. I, 49th VA Inf., Amherst Rough and Readys.
Co. F, 58th VA Inf., Amherst Johnson Guard
Co. A, 3rd VA Res., Amherst Res.


Co. H, 2nd VA Cav., Appomattox Rangers
Co. H, 18th VA Inf., Appomattox Greys
Co. A, 44th VA Inf., Appomattox Invincibles
Co. B2, 46th VA Inf., Liberty Guards
Co. I, 3rd VA Res., Appomattox Res.
Capt. James O. Hensley's Artillery
Co. A, 20th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Capt. James E. Robertson's Co.
Co. D, 20th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Capt. Robert K. Hargrove's Co.


McClanahan's Battery, Previously Co. A1, 62nd VA Inf.
Staunton Artillery (Imboden's/Balthis'/Garber's)
Co. E, 1st VA Cav., Augusta Rangers
Co. C, 14th VA Cav., Capt. William A. Lackey's Co.
Co. I, 14th VA Cav., Churchville Cavalry
Co. C, 5th VA Inf., Mountain Guard
Co. D, 5th VA Inf., Southern Guard
Co. E, 5th VA Inf., Augusta Grays
Co. F, 5th VA Inf., West View VA Inf.,
Co. G, 5th VA Inf., Staunton Rifles
Co. H, 5th VA Inf., Augusta Rifles
Co. I, 5th VA Inf., Ready Rifles of Augusta County.
Co. L, 5th VA Inf., West Augusta Guard
Co. M, 5th VA Inf., Union Greys.
Co. D2, 25th VA Inf., Augusta Lee Rifles
Co. A, 52nd VA Inf., Augusta Fencibles
Co. C, 52nd VA Inf., Letcher Guard
Co. H, 52nd VA Inf., Staunton Pioneers
Co. I, 52nd VA Inf., Men of West Augusta
Co. B2, 52nd VA Inf., Capt. William Long's Co.
Co. D, 52nd VA Inf., Capt. Joseph F. Hottel's Co.
Co. F, 52nd VA Inf., Capt. Jospeh E. Cline's Co.
Co. G, 52nd VA Inf., Capt. Samuel McCune's Co.
Co. A, 62nd VA Inf., Valley Rifles
Baldwin's Regt. VA LDT, Augusta Raid Guard
Capt. A. L. Turk's Co., VA LDT, Middlebrook Home Guard
Capt. Absolom Koiner's Co., VA LDT
Capt. Thomas L. Preston's Co. VA LDT, Mountain Rangers
Capt. Reuben Lambert's Co. VA LDT, Augusta Mounted Guard
Capt. William L. Balthis' Co. VA LDT, Stuanton Home Battery
Capt. J. Wayt Bell's Co. VA LDT, Staunton Light Dragoons
Capt. Robert S. Hamilton's Co., Augusta Mountaineers.
Co. D, 7th Battn. VA Res., Marquis Artillery Battery.

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