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The Confederate Regimental History Series

Read the history of all the armies of any nation, and you will not find a single one to compare to that of the Confederate army. They were intelligent, brave fearless and determined, but kind and gentlemanly in their bearings, respectful of their officers and obedient to orders. They did not fight for conquest or glory, but simply for the protection of their homes and the independence of the South.

The life of the Confederacy was brief, but brilliant and glorious. No nation possesses such a priceless record as that made by her soldiers; none ever contended with so many disadvantages and against such fearful odds; none ever displayed more courage, or exhibited more loyal devotion to any cause than the Confederate soldier.

No soldier in any army ever did more service, or suffered more hardships, and none can boast of a prouder or more brilliant record than that of the Confederate Soldier. From the spring and summer of 1861 they bravely took up arms in defense of the South, and did not lay them down until General Robert E. Lee surrendered the army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia on the 9th day of April, 1865. On that fatal day the remnant followed the Stars and Bars as gallantly, fought as bravely, and drove the enemy as steadily as they had done for four long years.

Our objectives in publishing this series are twofold:

    1) To preserve and publish for a new generation of readers historically accurate first hand accounts of the Confederate States of America and of the menís struggle for freedom and self autonomy.

    2) To document and publish information on those men for whom no memorial has ever been presented.

It is our hope that you will take the books in this series in the spirit that they are presented Ė as a means of honoring and remembering our Confederate fathers.

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