Mississippi 21st Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 21st Infantry Regiment was organized in October, 1861, using the 1st (Brandon's) Mississippi Infantry Battalion as its nucleus. It was mustered into Confederate service at Manassas, Virginia. The men were from the counties of Warren, Hinds, Claiborne, Lafayette, Tallahatchie, Madison, Holmes, and Union. In April, 1862, its force was 684 men, and during the war it served under the command of Generals Griffith, Barksdale, and Humphreys. The 21st participated in the campaigns of the army from the Seven Days' Battles to Gettysburg, then moved with Longstreet to fight at Chickamauga and Knoxville. After returning to Virginia it was involved in the Battles of The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor, Early's Shenandoah Valley operations, and the Appomattox Campaign. It lost 32 killed and 119 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, had 3 killed and 56 wounded of the 200 engaged at Sharpsburg, and had 11 wounded at Fredericksburg. Its casualties at Chancellorsville were 3 killed and 25 wounded and twenty-four percent of the 424 at Gettysburg were disabled. Many were captured at Sayler's Creek, and only 4 officers and 44 men surrendered. Officers:
Colonels -- Benjamin G. Humphreys, promoted Brigadier-General; William L. Brandon, promoted Brigadier-General; Daniel N. Moody.
Lieutenant-Colonels -- William L. Brandon, promoted; Daniel N. Moody, promoted; John Sims, killed at Cedar Creek; William H. Fitzgerald.
Majors -- Moody, promoted; Sims, promoted; Fitzgerald, promoted.
Adjutant -- D. H. Montgomery, 1864.
QuarterMaster -- Bryant, William J. Listed as Captain and Post Quartermaster of the 7th Congressional District and 1st Lieutenant and A. C. Q. for the 21st Infantry. REF: Microfilm M232 Roll 5.
Assigned to Beauregard's brigade
Command of Generals Griffith, Barksdale, and Humphreys
Seven Days' Battles
Cold Harbor
Shenandoah Valley Campaign
Saylor’s Creek
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2008 men.

Company A -- Volunteer Southrons of Vicksburg, aka Vicksburg Southrons (raised in Warren County, MS)
Company B -- Jefferson Davis Guards, aka Jeff Davis Guards, & aka Manlove’s Company (raised in Warren County, MS)
Company C -- Stephens Rifles, aka Stephens Guards (raised in Lawrence County, MS)
Company D -- Jeff Davis Guards (raised in Wilkinson County, MS)
Company E -- Hurricane Rifles (raised in Wilkinson County, MS)
Company F -- Tallahatchie Rifles (raised in Tallahatchie County, MS)
Company G -- Madison Guards (raised in Madison County, MS)
Company H -- Warren Volunteers (raised in Warren County, MS)
Company I -- Sunflower Guards (raised in Sunflower County, MS)
Company K -- New Albany Greys (raised in Pontotoc County, MS)
Company L -- Vicksburg Confederates (raised in Warren County, MS)
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