Mississippi 25th Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes:
This unit was also known as the 1st Mississippi Valley Regiment. It later became the 2nd Confederate Infantry

This regiment contained three Mississippi companies.

July 23, 1861, General Polk, at Memphis, preparing a campaign against St. Louis, reported that he would order up three Mississippi regiments, under General Clark, to Union City, Tenn., to hold in reserve. Colonel Martin's Regiment he would send to General Pillow, at New Madrid, who was expected to march into the interior of Missouri and co-operate with General Sterling Price. Martin's Regiment was hardly ready for the field, however, and the demand for troops in Virginia weakened Polk so that the campaign was abandoned. Martin's Regiment, in October, was attached to Col. John S. Bowen's Division of Polk's army at Columbus, Ky., Colonel Martin in command of the brigade composed of his regiment and Bowen's. The regiment became known at this time as the First Mississippi Valley Regiment. General Johnston, reporting its arrival from Columbus at Bowling Green, about the first of January, 1862, calls it "Colonel Martin's First Mississippi, 496 aggregate." As the "Twenty-fifth" it was brigaded with the Twenty- second under Col. John S. Bowen, in the army at Bowling Green. The name was changed from Twenty-fifth Mississippi to Second Confederate Regiment, by order of War Department January 31, 1862. At the same time Villepigue's Georgia Regiment was entitled the First Confederate, and Marmaduke's Arkansas Regiment the Third Confederate. Of the latter William E. Brickell, of Vicksburg, was Surgeon and Brigade Surgeon of Marmaduke's Brigade.

The regiment was disbanded May 8, 1862. The three Mississippi companies formed the First Battalion, Mississippi Sharpshooters
Colonel Martin commanded with distinction a Mississippi brigade composed of the Thirty-sixth, Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth Regiments, and the Thirty-seventh Alabama, at the battle of Iuka, and at the battle of Corinth, October 3, 1862, fell mortally wounded at the outer line of Federal works. General Sterling Price wrote of him: "The gallant bearing of this officer upon more than one bloody field had won for him a place in the heart of every Mississippian and the admiration and confidence of his superior officers."
Colonel Martin Assignments:
Col. John S. Bowen's Division of Polk's army Battles:
Kentucky Campaign Rosters:
The roster of this unit contains the names of 723 men.

Company A -- Red Rebels (raised in Holmes County, MS) [became Co. A, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company B -- Jackson Hornets (raised in Alabama & Mississippi) [became Co. B, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company C -- Capt. Ray’s Company (raised in Kentucky) [became Co. C, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company D -- Capt. Hundley’s Company (raised in Alabama) [became Co. D, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company E -- no name or place of origin given [became Co. E, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company F -- Capt. Haver’s Company (raised in Missouri) [became Co. F, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company G -- Osceola Hornets (raised in Arkansas) [became Co. G, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company H -- Wigall Guards (raised in Tennessee) [became Co. H, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company I -- Coms Avengers (raised in Carroll County, MS) [became Co. I, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
Company K -- Worsham Guards (raised in Tennessee) [became Co. K, 2nd Confederate Infantry]
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