38th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 38th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 8th (Looney's) Regiment, was organized at Camp Abington, Fayette County, Tennessee, in September, 1861. The men were recruited in the counties of Shelby, Madison, and Wilson. Members of Company G were from Alabama, and Company H, later F, contained men from Georgia. During December it was at Knoxville with 988 men but only 250 arms. As most of these were worthless, the General commanding the department did not allow the unit to participate in the Battle of Fishing Creek. Later it was involved in the conflicts at Shiloh and Perryville . It then was assigned to General M.J. Wright's, Strahl's, Palmer's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. During the summer of 1863 the 22nd Tennessee Infantry Battalion merged into the regiment. It was active from Murfreesboro to Atlanta , endured Hood's winter operations, and ended the war in North Carolina. The unit lost thirty percent of the 282 engaged at Murfreesboro, and there were 264 in action at Chickamauga . Only a handful surrendered on April 26, 1865. Officers:
Robert F. Looney
John C. Carter.
Lieutenant Colonels
Edward J. Golladay
Andrew D. Gwynne
H. D. Greer (declined).
D. H. Thrasher
H. A. Abington (declined)
Hamilton W. Cotter.
Assigned to D. S. Donelson's Brigade
Attached to M.J. Wright's and Maney's Brigade
Eastport, Tennessee
Perryville, Kentucky
Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863
Missionary Ridge, November 24-25, 1863
Atlanta Campaign
Rocky Face - May 9, 1864
Nashville - December 15-16, 1864
The Carolina’s Campaign
Greensboro, NC
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2001 men.

This regiment at one time or another had fifteen companies attached to it, five of which were transferred to other organizations, and most of which bore two or more company letters. The original companies, with the letters used after the reorganization indicated, are shown in the list below.

J. A. Lea, Thomas W. Rice, 1st Co. "A". "The Sumter Grays." Reorganized April, 1862 as Rice's Tennessee Artillery Battery. Men from Memphis, Shelby County.
Robert F. Looney, John C. Carter, Edward F. Lee, Co. "B", later "L". "The Gayoso Guards." Originally assigned to 22nd Tennessee Infantry, but transferred to 38th when the 38th was organized. Men from Memphis, Shelby County
Job Umphlett, W. C. Robinson, Co. "C", later "E". "The Jeff Davis Guards." Men from Madison County.
H. A. Abington, Thomas H. Koen, William N. Nevill, Co. "D". Men from Shelby County.
Edward I. Golladay, I. W Hardy, Thomas G. Cook, Co. "E", later 2nd "H". Men from Wilson County.
Hamilton W. Cotter, F. Pugh, Co. "F", later 2nd "A". Men from Shelby County.
James J. Mayfield, Samuel H. Sartain, Co. "G". "The Tuscaloosa Plough Boys." Men from Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.
James C. Thrasher, j. P. M. Harper, Co. "H", later "F". A Georgia Company.
D. H. Thrasher, Allen B. Lovejoy, Co. "I", later 2nd "K". Men from Shelby County.
John C. Hutto, Co. "K". Transferred to Golladay's 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion in March, 1862. Later Co. "K", 26th/50th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Men from Memphis and Shelby County
Benjamin M. Long, James M. Wooten, Co. "L". Enrolled at Camp Abington September 23, 1861. Transferred to Golladay's 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion March, 1862. Later Co. "I", 26th/50th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
John C. Clements, Co. "M", also called "K". Joined regiment November 28, 1861. Transferred to Golladay's 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion March, 1862. Became Co. "G", 26th/50th Alabama Regiment.
Captain not identified, 2nd Co. "B". No muster roll. A note in the regimental file states this company was detached by General Ruggles at Corinth, Mississippi, and was serving with General Pemberton in Mississippi. It was supposed to be a member of the reorganized regiment, but never served with it.
B. H. Holland, J. C. Miller, 2nd Co. "K", later "C". "Donelson's Avengers." Organized March 4, 1862. Men from Moscow, Fayette County.
W. B. Wright, O. M. Alsup, H. M. Neely, 2nd Co. "L", later "I". Organized March 5, 1862. Men from Morning Sun, Shelby County. As indicated, 1st Company "A" was transferred to the artillery; 2nd Company "B" was transferred out of the regiment; 1st Companies "K", "L" and "M" were transferred to Golladay's Alabama Battalion.
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